Diary, Elsa Marie Rupp Hofheinz, 1928 (Ms2013-094)

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Diary, Elsa Marie Rupp Hofheinz, 1928 (Ms2013-094)


The high school diary of Art League of Philadelphia member Elsa Marie Rupp Hofheinz from 1928. Elsa Hofheinz later became Art League secretary in 1944. Her diary details her comments on fashion, her experiences learning to drive, her daily activities at school and around the house, as well as her artistic endeavors. The diary also contains many of Elsa's doodles. Elsa Marie Rupp Hofheinz Wurtz (1908-1995) became the secretary for the Art League of Philadephia in 1944. Elsa was enthusiastic about art from a young age as evidenced from her high school journal. She was a cartoonist for her school's newspaper and her diary contains many sketches and doodles. Little is known about Elsa's later life outside of the Art League, but it is known that she met her husband Charles Wurtz through the Art League. The Art League of Philadelphia aimed to present and promote the work of member artists, both male and female. Their work included painting, watercolors, ceramics, photography and a variety of printmaking techniques. The League held exhibitions of members' work, lectures, and studio classes. Many members were graduates of art institutions including the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, the Pennsylvannia Academy of the Fine Arts, the Woodmere Art Museum, and the Barnes Foundation.





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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Meeting Minutes of the Art League of Philadelphia and Diary of Elsa Marie Rupp Hofheinz, Ms2013-097, Special Collections, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.


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