Sherwood Anderson Correspondence with Llewellyn Jones, 1916-1924, n.d. (Ms2015-044)


New York Oct 3

Dear Jones—

I got your letter several days ago but have been ill of this damned

Spanish Influenza and in no position to write humanly to anyone. I'm

afraid there is'nt much story to my coming down here. Something came up

that would enable me to have a good deal of freedom for several months. I

dont know the East and thought it would be worth while to come down here a

while. Just how long I'll stay I dont know.

Carl Sandburg came to see em here and said the place I lived in remin–

him of a home for ancient and decrepit trappese performers. He also accused

me of something else. He said I was'nt satisfied to go live in Grenwich Vil–

liage like the other nuts but was trying to establish a nuttery of my own.

When you come East you can see the place and judge for yourself.

been working like a Turk anyway–or was before this damn influenza

hit me. Have made the draft of a new novel and writen some fifty thousand

words of it. Have also written several short stories.

Here is the dollar for the Friday Literary Review. I thought you were

out here to help the struggling arts–not snatching the last crust of bread out of

their mouths and taking away the price of getting their winter overcoat fixed


Very Truly Yours.

Sherwood Anderson


I'll be back to Chicago to strut around part of the winter. You and that

wife of yours go see Tennessee now and then. She did figure she might be a

little lonesome but thinks now she'll get her a dog and will be O K.


Sherwood Anderson Correspondence with Llewellyn Jones, 1916-1924, n.d. (Ms2015-044)


Letter, Sherwood Anderson to Llewellyn Jones, October 3 [1918]




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