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Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0129.jpg

Draft for stars and squares weaving pattern for Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Fast Thred_nd.jpg

Fast thread pattern for the back shaft of a loom.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0305a.jpg

Weaving patterns by Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1860_1115.jpg

Sinkin Creek Beauty pattern, made by Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Stuart_nd.jpg

Undated weaving pattern, labeled with both Miss [Mary] Jane Trevey and John B. Stuart.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Taylor_nd.jpg

Undated weaving pattern made by Susan Taylor.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0308.jpg

Tennessee Beauty pattern, made by [Mary Jane Trevey].
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1839_1107.jpg

Weaving pattern for Twitted Bird Eye, made by Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Misc_nd.jpg

Unlabeled and undated weaving patterns.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1839.jpg

Vines weaving pattern.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1836_0730.jpg

Weaving pattern for stars and squares, or the Ladies' delight, by Nancy Thrasher.
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