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Blacksburg Station, showing Huckleberry Line.
150th_076. Virginia flu 1918.jpg

This poster warns people not to enter a specific area without permission from the Board of Health becuase of the Influenza outbreak.
150th_075. SATC Officers 1918.jpg

This photo depicts the Officers of the Student Army Training Corps in 1918.
150th_074. Enlisted Training Detachment 1918b.jpg

This photo depicts several men who were enrolled in the Enlisted Men's Technical School. This school was an eight week course that was meant to teach…

Photograph of students waiting for the train, 1918.

Photograph of a "Rat Parade" (Freshman cadets in costume), 1918.

Photograph of a "Rat Parade" (Freshman cadets in costume), 1918.

Photograph of cadet matresses on the ground, 1918.

Photograph of a cadet with the mail cart, 1918.

Photograph of students' belonging on a horse cart, 1918.
069. Fire Drill 1916.jpg

Photograph of cadets with the fire truck, 1918.

"Daybook of general store merchant in Lafayette (Montgomery County), Virginia, containing customer names, goods purchased, and prices paid."
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