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Alumni chapter meeting
Virginia Techs 125th Cannon Donation.pdf

Article on October 22, 1942 in the Virginia Tech reports that Corps cannons launch scrap drive.
Blacksburgs Bicentennial Register in County Draft.pdf

The July 8, 1942 edition of the Montgomery News Messenger reports that the number of young men registering for the draft exceeds estimates.
Map of Blacksburg Civilian Defense Zones.pdf

Map of defense zones and list of volunteers from the March 1942 Montgomery News Messenger.

"Moonlight and V. P. I." was written in 1942 by Fred Waring and Charles Gaynor after the Corps of Cadets asked Waring to write a song for the 1942…

Members of the V.P.I. board of visitors, which met yesterday in a called session to draw up resolutions in an effort to correct certain conditions at…
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