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New York Post article "Twins Praise the Featniks Back at the Pad", July 22, 1966.

New York article "Gemini Splashes Down 3 Miles From Target", July 22, 1966.

The New York Times article "Gemini 10 Flight Ends With a Splashdown 3 Miles From Target", July 22, 1966.

Freckle-faced, twelve-year-old Billy Doyle gets the fulfillment of his greatest wish as Gemini 10 space walker Michael Collins hands him a piece of…

Beaming with happiness are the wives of the Gemini 10 pilots as they talked with newsmen after the successful splashdown yesterday.

Hands clasped in their laps, Gemini 10 Astronauts John W. Young and Michael Collins sit side by side on the Carrier Guadalcanal.

Happy NASA officials are shown in Mission Control, Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, TX, after completion of the successful Gemini 10 spaceflight.

Wearing a three-day growth of beard, the beaming crew of the Gemini 10, John W. Young and Michael Collins, stand on the deck of the helicopter carrier…

The 83-foot orange and white parachute that lowered the Gemini 10 space craft after reentry lies below the surface of the western Atlantic after the…

Gemini 10 Astronauts Michael Collins and John W. Young sit in a raft with three frogmen as they wait for a helicopter to pick them up after they…
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