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In this interview, Sherry Wood discusses the volume of letters to the editor received by the Collegiate Times in response to Denim Day and the paper's reaction to them.

In this interview, Steve talks about his experiences as a gay man in Blacksburg beginning in the 1970s.

In this interview, Sueann Brown talks about realizing her sexuality and becoming involved with the Gay Student Alliance at Virginia Tech, her experience of Denim Day in 1979, and her experience as an openly lesbian architect with the National Parks Service.

Scott Beadle's interview covers the motivations behind Denim Day, the experience of gay students living on campus in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and how things have changed on campus and in our society in the last forty years.

In this interview, Sewell discusses the classes he was teaching as a member of the Department of Communications in 1979 during Denim Day. He recalls some of the responses he observed to the event, including the university's official stance on the Gay Student Alliance. He also talks briefly about his life prior to coming to Virginia Tech including the fear that his parents might find out about his sexuality and his wife's reaction when he came out to her.

Andrew Alvarez was a founding member of the Gay Student Alliance in the late 1970s. In his interview, he talks about living on campus at Virginia Tech, being a guest speaker for the Social Deviance class in the sociology department, planning and promoting Denim Day in 1979, and his experience of being a gay man in America.

In this interview Steve Noll discusses accepting his sexuality as a young man, the unnamed gay student group before the Gay Student Alliance and the support it received from Cooper House, and reactions to Denim Day from the communities surrounding Virginia Tech.

In this interview, Helene talks about realizing her sexuality in Catholic school in the early 1970s and her time as a lesbian at Virginia Tech in the late 1970s.

An interview with Nancy Kelly about Denim Day at Virginia Tech in January of 1979 and her experiences as a lesbian at Virginia Tech.
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