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An interview with Bill Kenealy about his life and his experiences as a gay man at Virginia Tech.

An interview with Beth Benoit about her life and her experiences as a lesbian at Virginia Tech.

An interview with Susan Manero about Denim Day in 1979 and her life.

In this interview, Sherry Wood discusses the volume of letters to the editor received by the Collegiate Times in response to Denim Day and the paper's reaction to them.

In this interview, Steve talks about his experiences as a gay man in Blacksburg beginning in the 1970s.

An interview with Sueann Brown about Denim Day in 1979 and her life.

Scott Beadle's interview covers the motivations behind Denim Day, the experience of gay students living on campus in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and how things have changed on campus and in our society in the last forty years.

An interview with Edd Sewell about his perspective on Denim Day in 1979 as a gay faculty member and some brief discussion of his life and coming out to his wife.

An interview with Andrew Alvarez about his time at Virginia Tech, Denim Day in 1979, and his experiences as a gay man in America.

Lisa Barroso and Mark Barroso discuss his editorials for the newspaper and her experience as part of the LGBTQ+ community. At the end, Mark remembers instances where the university administration attempted to censor reporting by the Collegiate Times.

An interview with Steve Noll about his life and being gay in Blacksburg.

In this interview, Helene talks about realizing her sexuality in Catholic school in the early 1970s and her time as a lesbian at Virginia Tech in the late 1970s.

An interview with Nancy Kelly about Denim Day at Virginia Tech in January of 1979 and her experiences as a lesbian at Virginia Tech.
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