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A handwritten letter from Matt Lamien. The cover has a drawing of a man, wearing a VT shirt. Around the borders are the words "Love, prayers" and…

A handwritten letter from Kadlin Leake. The cover has a heart cut out with a positive message written in it. The inside expresses sympathy and…

A handwritten letter from Kadeem Lettwich. The cover expresses sympathy over the event. The inside has a positive message expressing sympathy to…

Five envelopes used to carry letters from Hiram Matthew to his wife, Elmira.

A handwritten letter from Dorothy McCreight. The cover has a drawing of a heart with VT in the middle and "Texas to you" on the other side. The inside…

A handwritten letter from Brinn McGhee. The cover has a VT cut out with the phrase "In our hearts, in out prayers," written along the edge. The…

A handwritten letter from Courtney Meadows, a student at Spanishburg Elementary School. The cover has the words "Virginia Tech." The inside has a…

A handwritten letter from Eloy Mendaya. It has a positive message about sending condolences and prayer to Virginia Tech and its students.

A handwritten letter from Vincent Mills. The cover has a drawing of a man, wearing Hokie gear and saying "I'm sorry." The inside has a positive…

A handwritten letter from Anthony Mychlyk. The cover has the words, "My deepest sympathy" and "VT." The inside has a message sending condolences and…

A hand drawn drawing from Nayra Navai. The drawing has a heart in the middle of a blue sky. Under the heart, there is smiling animals (dogs, cats, …

Lyrics for the song "Sweet Virginia (You are not alone)" written by Ian Noe in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Thank you note, undated, from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Robert E. Marshak. Oppenheimer was thanking Marshak for his note on Okubo [probably University…

A hand drawn picture from Xavier Oropeza. The picture has a Cross with a heart behind it. Circling the Cross is the word, "Memorial."

This is a handwritten letter from Elizabeth Overman from Lindley Elementary School. The letter has a positive message in ways they can change the…

A handwritten letter from Alex Perry, Oakton High School. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students.

This document includes various handwritten notes about the operations at Piedmont Sanatorium. It also talks about people employed there, and nurses…

A handwritten letter from Danny Portales. The cover has the words "Sorry for your loss" and " Go Virginia Tech." The inside has a drawing of the Hokie…

Note: The scan of the second page of this letter is missing. Please see the transcript for the text of the missing page.

A handwritten letter from Laura Reynolds. The cover has the words "Sorry 4 your loss" with a Cross next to it. The inside has a positive message that…

A handwritten note from Nicky Rivera expressing condolences. They write to keep holding on and sends much love and support. It has drawing on hearts…

A handwritten letter from Nicole Salgado. The letter expresses a positive message of condolences and sympathy to the VT students. Around the message…

Condolence card from Florida International University School of Theatre, Dance & Speech Communications to Virginia Tech.

An handwritten letter from Alex Scoles. The cover has the words "Virginia Tech" and "I am sorry for your loss of family or friends". The inside has a…

This is the cover to Karen Sexton's 2nd Grade Class Book of Condolences from Lindley Elementary School. It has a drawing of the Earth with people…

This memoir was written by Harvey E. Sheppard (Class of 1932), about his time as a student at the university in the late 1920s/early 1930s. This pdf…

This is a handwritten letter from Christopher Simmons from Lindley Elementary School. The letter has a positive message in ways they can change the…

A memorial mass enrollment card from the Society of the Little Flower requested by "A Mother - Florida".

A handwritten letter from Mossih Spingher, Oakton High School. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students, hoping they will stay strong.

Signed photograph of Tico St. John sent along with a letter of condolence.

A hand drawn picture from Stephanie Story. The picture has a large red and orange VT at the center with smaller VT surrounding it. Under the large VT…

A handwritten letter from Celeste Tanaka. On the cover, it has "We love you" in big letters. In the inside, it has a positive message about sending…

Lyrics to the song "You Do Not Grieve Alone" written by Vance Thurston in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from Vance Thurston to Virginia Tech Admissions Office.

Audio clip of interview with Tom Tillar speaking about the events of April 16, 2007, when 32 Hokies were tragically killed on Virginia Tech's…

A handwritten letter from Joseph Torres. The cover states that they hope the card will help. The inside has a positive message expressing sympathy to…

Letter of condolence from UAB Gospel Choir to Virginia Tech.

Image of the logo for the Virginia Tech Veterans Caucus

A handwritten letter from Savannah Vincent. The cover has the words "Virginia Tech University, Hokies Rock." The inside repeats the phrases on the…
150th_058. 1911 ring.jpg

This Virginia Tech class ring is from the Class of 1911. 1911 was also the first year that the University made class rings. This photo is from the VT…
150th_109. class ring 1928.jpg

This photo depicts the Class of 1928's class ring. The rings were presented to every member of the class at the first "Ring Banquet" held by the Class…

This photograph shows Bishop-Favrao Hall on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.

This undated photo shows a student using the Cube in the Moss Arts Center.

This undated photo shows the Northern Virginia Center, a joint education center held by Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, in Falls Church.
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