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Court document in a claim by John W. Bosworth (acting as the executor of his father's estate) against the U. S. government for goods confiscated by…

Court document in a claim by John W. Bosworth (acting as the executor of his father's estate) against the U. S. government for goods confiscated by…

Transcript of court testimony in a claim by John W. Bosworth (acting as the executor of his father's estate) against the U. S. government for goods…

The VPI&SU Corps of Cadets. Development of a cadet from a freshman to senior company captain and winner of the Beverly Parrish Award for the best all…

Letter, Sherwood Anderson to Llewellyn Jones, undated [likely 1917]

Letter, Sherwood Anderson to Llewellyn Jonesm, undated [likely 1922 or 1923]

PDf of a scrapbook featuring female Corps of Cadets members. The original item is part of the Corps of Cadets museum.

A memorial mass enrollment card from the Society of the Little Flower requested by "A Mother - Florida".

A drawing of candles and sparklers, which says "Let all see my picture (if mamorial [sic] made, put on mamorial [sic] - [Emerson?]"

Sympathy card contains a drawing of the HokieBird as a phoenix rising out of ashes over the date "4.16.07" next to what is presumably the artist's…

A green card with a drawing of a heart, crowned with a halo, with wings in the background, and the number "32" on the front. The drawing is over the…

Handwritten on the front of the card is, "I pray that the Lord Jesus chist [sic] will bless you and be kind to you[.] May God [bless?] you with his…

A letter of condolence from an anonymous writer within a hand drawn heart. The letter states, "I wish I could bring some peace to your lives, to help…

An anonymous card with drawing of several hearts in various states of healing with the words, "A broken heart, will never heal, but just in case we'll…

A sympathy card from an anonymous writer with the following quotes: “As I searched for meaning in what happened, I finally found it. I found it in…

Anonymous sympathy card with 3D stickers on front and inside. Front of card says, “Sometimes one pivotal moment or event will bring a community…

Anonymous card with the words "strenth", "HOME", "hope", "Faith", "forever", "cherish..", "TOMORROW", "Love", and "peace".

Anonymous card with a cross and HokieBird on one side and a VT on the other side with the words, "Although it's difficult today to see beyond the…

Anonymous card with a cross in front of a sunset and mountains on one side and a HokieBird on the other side with the words, "Death Leaves A Heartache…

Card, possibly orginally from floral bouquet, that says "All love, sympathy and support. To all of us who have been effected [sic] by the tragedy /…

Sympathy card with message from a member of the [Virginia Tech?] class of 1983 with ribbons and drawings.

Sympathy card from anonymous child with drawing of a person at a pool, encouraging people to think happy thoughts to feel better

Star-shaped sympathy card that says "We Are thinking of You!"

Photocopy of a poem that says, "I know you're sad and are afraid / because I see your tears. / I'll not be far, I promise that; / and I hope you'll…

Handwritten song with notation, "Prayer for Today" (oboe solo)

Prayer starting "May there be peace on Earth". The items says this is an "Ancient Indian prayer translated from Sanskrit" with a note for Virginia…

Handwritten note with song and notation, "Prayer for Today" (oboe solo)

Letter with poem, "Young People in Blacksburg Virginia" from anonymous writer

A typewritten poem starting with the line "On just an ordinary day, a weapon drawn and lives forever changed."

Poster that says, "Lets go Hokies! VT Believe in what you feel! HDH Help Don't Hurt!"

Poster that says "VT We Mourn With You" and includes messages and signatures from unknown institution.

Poster with orange VT and photographs of chidren with their first names and messages.

Poster with pictures of Norris Hall and a black VT ribbon, a poem, and the names of the 32 victims.

Poster that says, "32 hearts 32 people 32 lives" and includes 31 cut-out hearts.

Anonymous handwritten note written on construction paper, expressing sympathy, "The courage + bravery that you all show...", and red hearts drawn…

Anonymous handwritten note on purple paper expressing sympathy with foam flower and leaf stickers from "Your friends in Delaware", undated

Anonymous handwritten note on lined paper expressing sympathy, "Dear Virginia Tech community!...", undated

Anonymous handwritten note divided into four quadrants, one of which includes John 3:16 of the New Testament, with color heart drawings expressing…

Anonymous handwritten note that says "Tears, Sympathy, Concern, Blessings, Hope...", on standard greeting card with scene from Glacier Park, undated

Anonymous handwritten note that says "May you have peace that passes all understanding", undated

Anonymous photograph of group holding a candlelight vigil in front of candles shaped as a fleur de lis, undated

Photograph of a driveway with Hokie Bird prints going up and a black mourning ribbon under the VT symbol, undated

Anonymous photograph of military group [probably Air Force of Air Force National Guard] posing in the VT shape, undated

Photograph of balloons being released into the sky near a clock tower, undated
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