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While Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil was marketed until the 1940s and 1950s, the particular trade card in this collection most likely dates to the late…

Children of Henry H. Wilson + their girlfriend. Taken at 907 Front St., Harrisonburg, PA, on June 1, 1930.

Memoir by Stevenson W. and Margaret R. Fletcher about their lives from 1908-1914, including living at Solitude, the birth of several of their…

Map of Indigenous territories in what is now Virginia around 1600 from First People: The Early Indians of Virginia by Keith Egloff and Deborah…

February 18, 1783, Letter from Walker Daniel, at Col. Floyd's, to a French Merchant concerning commercial conditions on the wester Kentucky Frontier…

The collection consists of a manuscript map survey of land in Montgomery County, Virginia, belonging to Philadelphia merchant Levi Hollingsworth. The…

Goodson asks Samuel Huff to pay George Helton two pounds and five shillings for him.

Samuel Huff says that he will pay James Goad $10.00.

Bird Smith says that he will give Samuel Huff 30 acres of land.

Weddle informs Samuel Huff of his welfare after his trip and what he saw while he traveled.

Keef promises 8 dollars to be paid on or before November 1, 1806.

Indenture between Bird Smith and William Thompson, for land on the west fork of Little River in Montgomery County, VA.

Huff promises to pay John Snyder one pound and nine pence.

A list of free Negroes and Mulattoes, compiled by James Barnett, district commissioner of revenue, Montgomery County, Virginia. The list includes…

Promises 4 dollars, 4 shillings and two sixpences.

Fine of 1 dollar and 50 cents to Samuel Huff for delinquency at Battalion and Augt. Musters

Duncan tells his uncle and relatives about his travels from his cousin's house and back to home as well as his health and welfare.

Montgomery County loan account in the name of Samuel Huff

Includes 1835: Accounts from Wythe County, Leather-bound volume: 12" x 8", 1832-1846.

The Sarah Buchanan Preston Land Deed collection consists of a manuscript copy of a land transfer indenture statement for lands in Russell, Tazewell,…

Threves talks about her family and where they all live. She also talks about the presidents election.

Duncan talks about the weather, its affect on the crops, and about the immoral conduct of his uncle.

Duncan talks about a murder in Giles and the aftermath of the murderer's arrest. He talks about his religious views and comments on Biblical…

Invitation to Miss Virginia T. Preston to the Grand Inauguration Ball of Zachary Taylor (U.S. President) and Millard Filmore (Vice-President), March…

This collection contains a letter written by Virginia House of Delegates member William Vinson to his wife and children in Wayne County, (West)…
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