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Receipt for regalia order from Edward Manufacturing Company (Atlanta, Ga.) to Marie Johnson, Household of Ruth (Blacksburg, Va.)

Handwritten financial record for Household of Ruth in Blacksburg, Va

Printed booklet listing membership questions and handwritten answers for the Household of Ruth, the women's organization for the Grand United Order of…

Invitation listing date and proceedings of of Tadmore Light Lodge 27th anniversary celebration, including names of speakers.

A blank clearance card from the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

Badge featuring three female allegorical figures with coat of arms in front of two ships. Back has label of "J.L.B Forrester/Books, Cards, Badges/811…

Green lodge ribbon with silver print and metallic tassels. Metallic star in green and white ribbon rosette at top.

Odd Fellows Bulletin published by the District Grand Lodge No. 15 including reports and announcements.

Letter announcing a membership drive to gain 500 new members.

Report from the office of A.T. Shirley, District Grand Secretary on the state of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows State of Virginia.

Letter to Mr. Owens (Tadmore Light Lodge #6184) from Thomas W. Pate (James Lincoln Light Lodge #5700) notifying of a postponed event.

Issue of The Quarterly Bulletin from the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

Souvenir program for biennial Order of Odd Fellows conference held in Charlotte, NC. Includes greeting, photographs of officers, and local…

Catalog of regalia and supplies for the Odd Fellows, includes illustrations of ribbons, collars, banners, and pins.

Letter to James Needham, G.S. from Harris P. Saunders (Tadmore Light Lodge #6184) inquiring about membership in the Household of Ruth.

Letter to A.T. Shirley (D.G.S., Herndon, Virginia) from Harris P. Saunders (Tadmore Light Lodge #6184) inquiring about cost to reinstate members to…

Completed Applicant's Agreement for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184. Signed by John H. Green, Taylor Smith, William Green, J.C. Wade, and Floyd Meade.

Card with price list for secretarial supplies available from Odd Fellows Journal

Card recounting first letters of password sequence for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184

Receipt for Odd Fellows Journal subscription stamped "PAID".

Extract of the Biennial Report of A.T. Shirley District Grand Secretary of District Grand Lodge including financial reports.

Excerpts from the first ritual book of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, relating texts, hymns, passwords, and laws for lodges.

Notebook of handwritten dues records for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184, including some ephemera between pages.

Notebook of handwritten meeting minutes for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184, including some ephemera between pages.

Loan agreement for $38.50 from Bank of Blacksburg to Tadmore Light Lodge #6189.

Completed membership application, signed by Plymouth Christian, for Tadmore Light Lodge #6189, Blacksburg [Virginia].

Bill from George A. Floding (Atlanta) for regalia.

Invitation from A.K. Lester inviting Odd Fellows of Blacksburg to "turn out" on Sunday.

Meeting minutes for Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Tadmore Light Lodge #6187, Blacksburg [Virginia]

Book describing funeral ceremony for the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

Third Quarterly Circular for the Grand Order of Odd Fellows from the Sub-Committee of Management (Philadelphia, PA). Includes meeting synopses,…

A bill from the Grand Order of Odd Fellows (Philadelphia, PA) to Lodge No. 6184 (Blacksburg, VA) for a subscription to The Odd Fellows' Journal.

Reverend Kenneth B. Wright was born and raised in Elliston, Virginia. Wright attended Montgomery County Public Schools, Virginia Union University,…

Joseph Homer Pack was born in 1910, and he grew up in Riner, Virginia. Pack attended his local primary school, a two room schoolhouse, before briefly…

Walter Lewis was born in 1926, and he grew up in the Radford-Blacksburg area. After graduating from Christiansburg Institute, Lewis served in the Navy…

Charles A. Johnson was born in Wake Forest, Virginia, where he grew up and received his primary education. Johnson graduated from Christiansburg…

Rice Dobbins grew up in Riner, Virginia in an area called Piney Wood. Dobbins primarily worked as a farmer in the Montgomery County area, specifically…

Leola Burford, a resident of Christiansburg, worked as a teacher in the Richmond area before getting married, and, eventually returning to the…

Frank Bannister was born in Wake Forest, Virginia in 1913, and his family members were descendants of Kentland Plantation slaves, which is now…

In this nearly hour long interview, Ren Harman, Project Manager for VT Stories, interviews Kevin Crofton, Class of 1982, in the Holtzman Alumni Center…

Historic structure report on the log outbuilding on the Solitude property in Blacksburg, Virginia. The report was completed by Gibson Worsham in June…

Memoir by Stevenson W. and Margaret R. Fletcher about their lives from 1908-1914, including living at Solitude, the birth of several of their…

Photograph of the spring house at Solitude. Although undated, this would have been taken sometime when the Fletchers lived at the house, likely some…

Photograph of Margaret, Robert, Richard, and Stevenson Fletcher on the Solitude lawn. This photograph was taken after a snow and has the Duck Pond in…

Photograph of Robert and Richard Fletcher on the Solitude lawn with a caretaker, July 1909. The caption reads "Playing on Solitude lawn with nurse…

Photograph of Robert and Richard Fletcher on the Solitude lawn, December 1908. The Fletchers moved into Solitude in November 1908.

Photograph of a kindergarten class on the lawn of Solitude, June 1913, labeled "Miss Rosa's kindergarten, at Solitude. June, 1913."

Scrapbook page belonging to Richard Rolston Fletcher, including photographs from Solitude in 1913 and 1914. Photographs include exteriors and…

Scrapbook page belonging to Richard Rolston Fletcher, including photographs from Solitude in 1913. Photographs include kindergarten on the Solitude…

Scrapbook page belonging to Richard Rolston Fletcher, including photographs from Solitude in 1911 and 1912. Photographs include Main Street in…
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