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Photo of The Faculty 1895-1896

Photo of Junior Faculty Members 1904-1905

Photo of the Senior Faculty Members 1904-1905

These are selected pages scrapbook filled with photos of the VPI campus as well as inlaid tickets to both on and off campus events in the mid 1920s.…

The first volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

The fourth and final volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Photograph from the first Ring Dance held at VPI, April 27, 1934.

Group photo of the Virginia Tech chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from the 1938 Bugle, picturing Carmen Venegas (first row,…

The letter is from Mildred Tate to Mrs. Gillette inviting her to a dinner at Hillcrest, the women's dormitory at Virginia Tech, held by Mrs. White on…

Ella Agnew and Maude Wallace were home demonstration agents for Virginia Cooperative Extension and Mrs. Mary Moore Davis served as professor of the…

Dr. Mildred Tate, first Dean of Women, talking to female students on first day at VPI, 1955

The 1959 Commencement Film depicts part of the 1959 graduation and commissioning ceremony.

Photo of Linda Adams, the first African American woman to graduate from Virginia Tech, from the 1968 Bugle

A Report from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare on homosexuality, dated October 10, 1969. This report was given to Vice President…

The constitution of the Gay Alliance at Virginia Tech, the first openly gay student group at Virginia Tech, 1971. This document was given to Vice…

A letter from the Dean for Student Programs Martha Harder to Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. James W. Dean regarding the vote of the Student…

Memorandum from Executive Assistant to the President and General Council Walter H. Ryland to University President Dr. T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. regarding…

A letter from Gay Student Alliance president Robert A. Frye to Martha Harder, Dean for Student Programs, regarding the University Council decision to…

A letter from Vice President William McKeefery to Robert Frye, President of the Gay Student Alliance, dated July 22, 1971, in response to Frye's…

A statement by Alfred H. Krebs, Vice President for Special Projects, on the rationale for rejecting the approval of the Gay Student Alliance as an…

This letter from W. A. Blackwell informs Doug Burton that because of his good academic standing at Virginia Tech, he had been chosen to go on the…

This letter from W. A. Blackwell informs Doug Burton that he had been officially selected to go on the USSR Engineering trip and that he would be…

This is a mailing list for the engineering students going on the USSR trip.

This letter from William Saric of the College of Engineering includes the final schedule of the USSR trip, travel information, and suggestions for…

Students in the waiting area of the Roanoke Airport

Students in the waiting area of the Roanoke Airport

Skyline view; can see Empire State Building off to the left.

Skyline view; can see Twin Towers in the center

Skyline view; can see the Twin Towers off to the left and if you look closely, the Statue of Liberty off to the right.

"The oldest stone building in Helsinki was built in 1751." - Doug Burton
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