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Article called "Short Courses for Women" from The Techgram, 1943-04-01, discusses several 1 to 10 week courses at VPI to prepare women for work during…

Article called "New Fields for Women" by Mildred T. Tate from The Techgram, 1943-01-15, discusses openings in fields for women during World War II.

Photograph of the Duck Pond on VPI campus, undated

Photograph of the Ice Pond used for ice skating and recreation, 1934.
086a. Org Chart.jpg

This organizational chart, entitled "Chart No. 2 Proposed Organization of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute by Function 1920-21", show possible…

Cover of the sheet music for "Tech Triumph," the university fight song, by Mattie W. Epes and W. P. Maddux.

Photograph of the Old Library building interior in 1915

Article from The Virginia Tech, reporting on the approval of the attendance of women at the school next academic session, January 27, 1921.

Front page masthead of The Virginia Tech, reporting on the new system of "mass athletics" and encouraging its support, as well as the positive record…

Front page of The Virginia Tech, reporting that VPI will be constructing an athletic building, as well as a game between football alumni and the JV…

Front page of the Virginia Tech, reporting on the installation of wireless stations on campus, a speech by the secretary of the YMCA, a performance by…

Front page of the engineering extension diivision newsletter, October 1, 1924.

September 1922 issue of the Bulletin of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute reporting on the educational opportunities for women at VPI, including home…

First page of President Eggleston's final report to the Board of Visitors, reporting changes to the school and his resignation, July 1, 1919.

Photograph of the McBryde Building under construction, 1915.

Architecural drawings of the old McBryde Building by Carneal and Johnston (Richmond, Va.), an architectural and engineering firm that often worked on…

The February 19, 1901 minutes of the Executive Committee of the VPI Board of Visitors contains the lease to rent the approx. 500 acres of Smithfield…

This is the VPI diploma of Harvey L. Price, who graduated in 1898. Listed are the signatures of prominent educators, such as President McBryde and…

This map depicts campus buildings and pathway dimensions, 1911.

This map depicts the buildings (numbered), planned structures, and other infrastructure measurements on campus, 1931.

The Student Handbook, or "Rat Bible", which was later named The Guidon, is a serial publication for the Corps of Cadets that outlines the rules and…

Portion of front page of The Virginia Tech, Vol. 4, No. 4, October 26, 1906 issue reports on the resignation of President McBryde. There is also an…

Masthead of the first issue of The Virginia Tech newspaper, reporting on football games with N.C. A&M (North Carolina State), St. Albans School,…

Photograph depicts the Mineral Building (also Mining Engineering Building) of the School of Mines on VPI campus. The building was erected around…

Photograph of Hillcrest Hall in 1941

Photograph of the First Ring Dance held at Virginia Tech on March 27, 1934.

Photograph of Eggleston Hall under construction in 1929.

Photograph of Eggleston Hall, with Owens Hall and the town of Blacksburg in the background in 1940.

Photograph of Burruss Hall, main administration building of Virginia Tech in 1939.
150th_116. Radio studio.jpg

In the fall of 1929, a sparse, but moderately sound-proof studio was built in an unused room in the tower of War Memorial Hall. The first broadcast…
150th_115. infirmary expansion.jpg

This photo depicts the college infirmary (now Henderson Hall) after an expansion nearly doubled its capacity. The addition was completed by the start…
150th_114. deHaviland DH-4.jpg

This photo is of the deHaviland DH-4 airplane donated to the university by the U.S. Navy for use by students. It arrived without an engine, but the…
150th_113. Building in 1928 v3.jpg

This composite includes 3 photos of construction on the campus. On the left is the new power plant, on the top is the new stone dormitory Barracks No.…
150th_112. Development plan drawing, 1927.jpg

By the time this drawing, produced by the Manning Offices Inc., a landscape design firm, was published in the September 1927 issue of the V.P.I.…
150th_111. View Down FacRow 1927.jpg

This photo is of the road down Faculty Row, with Patton Hall visible on the left.
150th_109. class ring 1928.jpg

This photo depicts the Class of 1928's class ring. The rings were presented to every member of the class at the first "Ring Banquet" held by the Class…
150th_106b. Barracks nos 6 and 7.jpg

These photos depict the new Barracks No. 6 building, dedicated in September 1927, and Barracks No. 7, which was converted from the Science Hall and…
150th_106a. BOV_1921-1926_Pg309 4 racks high.jpg

This photo from the President's report to the Board of Visitors at the January 28, 1926, meeting, illustrates the dire need for dormitories on campus.…
150th_105b. DedicationDay Miles and WarMemHall 1926_1023 v6.jpg

This composite includes photos from Dedication Day for Miles Stadium and War Memorial Hall on October 23, 1926. Alumni were invited to a homecoming…
150th_105a. MilesStadium WarMem construction 1926_01 v2.jpg

This composite depicts War Memorial Hall, its gymnasium, and Miles Stadium while under contruction in 1926.
150th_104x. FFV FFA.jpg

This photo is of a plaque on the table where Future Farmers of Virginia (later expanded to Future Farmers of America) was founded by Walter S. Newman,…
150th_104. Librarians Jones_1919 and Brown_1925.jpg

This composite includes a 1919 photo of Eleanor Isabelle Jones, university librarian from 1913 to 1923, and a 1925 photo of Ralph Minthorne Brown,…
150th_103. Dorms and HomeEc 1925.jpg

This cover from the Bulletin of VPI, Vol. XIX, No. 1, November 1925, indicates the need for funds for a new dormitory on campus, and this photo…
150th_100. Patton Hall.jpg

This composite photo of Patton Hall includes a drawing by Carneal & Johnston, Architects, of the intended final building and a photo of the hall…
150th_099. turkey hens 1925.jpg

This newspaper clipping describes the women's basketball team's victory over the "Bashful Basketeers" of Concord State. One of the captions uses the…
150th_098. campus proposed layout 1925_01.jpg

This map depicts the proposed lay-out of the V. P. I. campus in 1925.
150th_097. rural electrification 1924.jpg

This newspaper clipping shows a photograph of electic lines leading to an unidentified farm.
150th_096. AgExtensionDivBldg 1926_01.jpg

This photo depicts the Agricultural Extension Division Building shortly after its construction was finished and it had been occupied.
150th_095. Proposed WarMemHall.jpg

These architechtual drawings depict the proposed plans for War Memoial Hall and Gymnasium.
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