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Mill Mountain.jpg

Postmarked July 28, 1907

Printed in Germany.
Early mining damage 1908 front.jpg

Postmarked Coeburn, VA, MAR 20 1908
Rec Castlewood, VA MAR 20 1908

Dealer's notation "Early Mining damage" handwritten on back.
James A Hagy Wagon co Abingdon.jpg

Postmarked July 1910
Message on back:
"Dear Boy,
You must be good & mind what is told you. How are you getting along any way, are you getting home…
St Paul Natl Bank Saint Paul VA.jpg

Postmarked August 26 4PM 1914
Message on reverse:
"Mother dear, it was so muddy today we could not come home but if Friday is a better one we will…

Correspondence between two members of the Blacksburg chapter of the Household of Ruth, a women's auxiliary organization to the Grand United Order of…
Drapers Mt Pulaski VA.jpg

Caption on reverse:
To the South and West lies Draper's Valley, named for John Draper, who settled here in 1765. He…

Postcard advertising CARY's "More Than the Sum of Our Body Parts", shown at the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago from June 16 to July 2, 1993. The purpose of the exhibit was to illustrate the many ways that women architects are discriminated against in the workplace by their male colleagues. The exhibit was comprised of sculptural and multimedia installations, focusing on such topics as the sexual discrimination and harassment of women architects, and the glass ceiling said to be limiting the advance of women in architecture.
Roanoke College Salem Va.jpg

Bell Chrome Postcard
Postmarked: Roanoke, 1936
South quadrangle Hollins.jpg

Caption on reverse: "Hollins College, situated seven miles from the city of Roanoke. Oldest college for women in Virginia, founded by Charles Lewis…
Hotel Patrick Henry.jpg

Caption on reverse:
Hotel Patrick Henry
Roanoke, Virginia
400 Rooms with Bath, Ceiling Fan, Circulating Ice Water.
Garage direct entrance to…
Tazewell VA in snow.jpg

Postcard. Made in Germany.
Postmark illegible.
Radford State Normal school admin bldg.jpg

Postcard made by The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.
West End Craigen Tunnel, St. Paul, VA.

R.P.O. postmark (railway post office) indicates that this was mailed at a mobile post office. The route and train number are indicated.

Millboro tunnel Millboro VA.jpg

B & W. Postcard.
Eagle Quality. The Eagle Post Card View Co., N.Y.
Excelsior Pocahontas Coal Co Mines 1 and 2.jpg

Double postcard.
Mine in Excelsior, McDowell County, West Virginia on the Norfolk & Western Railway.
Photo credit on right side: Haines Photo Co.,…
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