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A handwritten letter from Nicole Salgado. The letter expresses a positive message of condolences and sympathy to the VT students. Around the message…

A handwritten letter from Martin Eturralde. The letter expresses a positive message of condolences and sympathy to the VT students. Under the message,…

A handwritten letter from Katelyn Harrell. The letter expresses a positive message of condolences and sympathy to the VT students. Katelyn hopes that…

A handwritten letter from Cloruda Roeluguey. The letter expresses a positive message of condolences and sympathy to the VT students.

A handwritten letter from Angela. The letter has three different colored hearts that join in the middle. In each other them, they express sympathy to…

A handwritten letter from Allison M. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students, stating that this day and the students will never be forgotten.

A handwritten letter from Spencer K, Oakton High School. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students, especially his brother who was a junior at…

A handwritten letter from Mossih Spingher, Oakton High School. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students, hoping they will stay strong.

A handwritten letter from Kyle, Oakton High School. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students.

A handwritten letter from Alex Perry, Oakton High School. The letter expresses sympathy to the VT students.

A handwritten note from Nicky Rivera expressing condolences. They write to keep holding on and sends much love and support. It has drawing on hearts…

A handwritten note from Maria Flores sending condolences to those who were affected. It has a drawing on a rose in the middle of the page and a heart…

A handwritten letter from Anthony who sends sympathy and condolences to the students, encouraging to keep learning and going to school.

An anonymous handwritten yellow letter by a student from Ellison High School, stating "With Time things will get easier."

An anonymous handwritten green letter by a student from Ellison High School, stating "Sorry for your loss!" It has hand drawn hearts on the side.

An anonymous handwritten letter by a student from Ellison High School, stating "our hearts are with you!"

An anonymous handwritten blue letter by a student from, expressing sympathy and sorrow for Virginia Tech. They are also sending love.

A handwritten letter from Caresse who expresses sympathy toward Virginia Tech. There is a Hokie Respect sticker at the top with hand drawn VT around…

Anonymous handwritten note that says "Peace" with peace sign drawing, undated

Red, handwritten sympathy card with an anonymous group posing in VT colors and handwritten comments on the inside. The front page includes the…

Photograph of a driveway with Hokie Bird prints going up and a black mourning ribbon under the VT symbol, undated

Anonymous handwritten note that says "May you have peace that passes all understanding", undated

Anonymous handwritten note that says "Tears, Sympathy, Concern, Blessings, Hope...", on standard greeting card with scene from Glacier Park, undated

Anonymous handwritten note divided into four quadrants, one of which includes John 3:16 of the New Testament, with color heart drawings expressing…

Anonymous handwritten note on lined paper expressing sympathy, "Dear Virginia Tech community!...", undated

Anonymous handwritten note on purple paper expressing sympathy with foam flower and leaf stickers from "Your friends in Delaware", undated

Anonymous handwritten note written on construction paper, expressing sympathy, "The courage + bravery that you all show...", and red hearts drawn…

Anonymous handwritten note expressing sympathy toward Virginia Tech students, with a colored marker drawing of a person that is saying "I hope you…

Anonymous handwritten note "Dear VA Tech, My heart is so very sad...", written on a notepad with a cherry border, red outline, and cornucopia at the…

Star-shaped sympathy card that says "We Are thinking of You!"

Sympathy card from anonymous child with drawing of a person at a pool, encouraging people to think happy thoughts to feel better

Sympathy card with message from a member of the [Virginia Tech?] class of 1983 with ribbons and drawings.

Card, possibly orginally from floral bouquet, that says "All love, sympathy and support. To all of us who have been effected [sic] by the tragedy /…

Anonymous card with a cross in front of a sunset and mountains on one side and a HokieBird on the other side with the words, "Death Leaves A Heartache…

Anonymous card with a cross and HokieBird on one side and a VT on the other side with the words, "Although it's difficult today to see beyond the…

Anonymous sympathy card with 3D stickers on front and inside. Front of card says, “Sometimes one pivotal moment or event will bring a community…

A sympathy card from an anonymous writer with the following quotes: “As I searched for meaning in what happened, I finally found it. I found it in…

Handwritten on the front of the card is, "I pray that the Lord Jesus chist [sic] will bless you and be kind to you[.] May God [bless?] you with his…

A green card with a drawing of a heart, crowned with a halo, with wings in the background, and the number "32" on the front. The drawing is over the…

Sympathy card contains a drawing of the HokieBird as a phoenix rising out of ashes over the date "4.16.07" next to what is presumably the artist's…
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