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  • Collection: Southwest Virginia Counties Collection (Ms2000-092)
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Stuart_nd.jpg

Undated weaving pattern, labeled with both Miss [Mary] Jane Trevey and John B. Stuart.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Misc_nd.jpg

Unlabeled and undated weaving patterns.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Fast Thred_nd.jpg

Fast thread pattern for the back shaft of a loom.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0308.jpg

Tennessee Beauty pattern, made by [Mary Jane Trevey].
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1839.jpg

Vines weaving pattern.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nda.jpg

Crossed out bill; used as paper to get arithmetic solutions.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd8a.jpg

List of people in arrears, presumably belonging to John Bralley.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd7a.jpg

Constitution of the Cripple Creek Bible Society.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd6a.jpg

Account sheet of John Bralley.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd5a.jpg

Drafts of a promise to pay Mitchell C. Brawley an unspecified sum.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd4a.jpg

undated bill for an unknown person.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd3a.jpg

Sheet of paper containing the repeated phrase "Commandments ten god gave to men."
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd2a.jpg

Undated bill for [Thomas].
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd1.jpg

Note stating that James Brooks has paid his debt in full. Note also contains pig-pen cipher that says 'Wythe County Va. Oct. 2, 1816." It is unclear…
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1861_0427a.jpg

List of bills owed and services done for Alexander Pierce by S.C. Bralley, beginning in 1859.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1855_0218a.jpg

List of bills owed and purchases made.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1854_1030a.jpg

Bill for Robert Lewis, beginning on October 30th in 1854.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1849_03a.jpg

Bill for Edmond W. Lockette, beginning in March of 1844.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1848_0825a.jpg

Sheet of calculations.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1847_1011a.jpg

John Bralley is to work for Isaac Williams, surveyor of the road.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1846_11a.jpg

Bill for George Riggle for November of 1846.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1844_1202a.jpg

Note to George Kincannon by James K. Polk and Henry Clay.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1838a.jpg

Record of services rendered and goods bought or sold.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1827_0326a.jpg

Note from [F.] H. Fries to John Bralley about cloth coloring.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_nd.jpg

Record of purchases made by William H. Young.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1871_001.jpg

Record of what William H. Young owes to J. Fisher.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1861_001.jpg

Bill from Waskey [?] to William H. Young.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1858_0323.jpg

Bill of work done for William Young. Paid in cash on 1/12/1859.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1855_003.jpg

Note for Susan Trevey to pay a sum of money to the Botetourt Sheriff.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1850_0216a.jpg

Note requesting the company of Samuel [Trevey] Young at Senator Andrew McCartney's residence.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1845_0301.jpg

Note of William Young in account with William J. Reid.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_nd2.jpg

Account of Susan Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1849_0813.jpg

Promise to pay John Trevey $40. Payment received on 8/13/1849.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1848_001.jpg

Account of Miss Diana Trevey from 1848 to 1850.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1845_0201.jpg

Receipt for Mrs. Mary Williams for goods she bought on Feb. 1, 1845.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1844_0517.jpg

Bill for goods [Dianna/Diana] Trevey bought from [T.] G. Godwin.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1831_001.jpg

Note detailed money paid or owed between John Williams and J. Trevey in the first half of 1831.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1824_0831a.jpg

Receipt for Mr. John Williams for goods he bought at Robert & Hazlett Kyle, Store, in Fincastle, Virginia.
Ms2000-092_F12_William H Young_letter_002_eve.jpg

Envelope addressed to William H. Young in Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia.
Ms2000-092_F12_William H Young_letter_001_eve.jpg

Envelope addressed to Mr. William H. Young in Waskeys Mill, Botetourt County, Virginia.

Informational flyer for K. Palmer & Co., Bonsacks Depot, Roanoke County, Virginia.

Incomplete letter from an unknown author addressed to [John] Williams.

Envelope addressed to Mrs. Sophia McCulloch at Waskeys Mill in Botetourt County, Virginia.

Letter from [F]. J. R. to Mr. J. K. Williams, in which she describes her previous illness and complements his lovemaking skills.

Envelope addressed to Mr. Jeremiah K. Williams at Emory and Henry College in Virginia.

Letter by an unknown author in Botetourt Springs, written to "P."

Letter addressed to John Williams, written by an individual at Emory and Henry College.

Order calling multiple people to be sworn before a justice.

Bill for $1 addressed to Jacob Trevey for crossing the James River on the Buchanan Toll-Bridge.

Record of the collection of $1.26 from Jacob Trevey for taxes from 1816.
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