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  • Collection: Virginia Tech April 16, 2007 Archives of the University Libraries (MS2008-020)
WeRemember Digital Exhibit Image.jpg

A still image of the vigil outside Burruss Hall following April 16, 2007 with the Communities of Caring exhibit title in the lower left.

Notes about the painting from Cheryl (Luna) Robinson, VT Class of 1980, Elementary Education: In New Orleans, a Jazz Funeral includes a Second Line,…

Sent for first anniversary. Painting depicts students at a candlelight vigil.

This memorial textile was presented to the University Libraries by Lumbantoruan's parents when they came to Virginia Tech to accept his degree. …

Two views of a glossy poster with photograph of the group with an airplane behind them with messages and signatures around the border

Three views of one yellow and multi-colored handmade quilt

Drawing features portraits of the victims

Crown was found on Virginia Tech Drillfield

Two views of a written message

One view of a carved wooden box holding banners and four views of a signed banner

Sent to Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Police Department

Sent to Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Police Department

Sent to Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Police Department

Sent to Blacksburg and Virginia Tech Police Departments

Sent to Blacksburg and Virginia Tech Police Departments

Four views of a handcrafted sculpture of the "Duke Dog" from James Madison University

One view of the car hood from Dave Butler and another view of the car hood with the other flags in Squires Student Center

Chris Henry is in the Green Zone in Baghdad

1 Email, 1 printed out picture from City of Niagara Falls Fire Department depicting Niagara Falls lighted with in Virginia Tech colors.

The White House Washington May 10, 2007 To the Virginia Tech Class of 2007 In recent weeks, you have reminded people throughout the country and around the world that the strength of America lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens. Your actions in the face of great tragedy demonstrate the power of compassion and the indomitable spirit of a proud and determined university. We will always remember the lives that were taken, and we hold their families and friends in our hearts. Your careers at Virginia Tech have prepared you to forge your own path forward, and the opportunities now before you are limited only by the size of your dreams. I encourage you to take advantage of all you have learned here and treat your degree as the first step in a lifetime of education. Your knowledge, character, and compassion will help shape a more hopeful future for America, and I have confidence in you and in the great contributions you will make to our country. This day of accomplishment would not have been possible without those who have supported you. I applaud the parents of the graduates for the love and guidance they have given their children, and I appreciate the faculty of Virginia Tech for their hard work, strong example, and deep commitment to their students. Laura and I congratulate you, and we send our best wishes. May God bless you all. George Bush
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