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  • Collection: Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr. Collection, 1933-1997 (Ms1990-062)

Robert tells his mother about the Christmas presents he received. He describes his Christmastime in the Navy.

Photographs Some are of Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr., J. W. Monteith, Sr. and Nancy Monteith. taken at an unknown location. Other photos include D-Day…

The citation details Jimmie's actions on D-Day that awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Typed manuscript of "Jimmie W. Monteith '41 Virginia Tech's D-Day Hero" by John A. Coulter II published in the Corps Review Vo13, #1 Fall 1994 .

The letters are between Henry Straker and his mother Clara. Henry talks about his service in the war. His mother talks about the issues on the…

The Brightbills wish congratulations on what seems to be Nancy's high school graduation.

Meriwether asks Nancy about the car accident. She says that David is on a destroyer escort and now she is worried about him.

Mr. Monteith tells his daughter about his trip to the farm and what they have been doing.

She talks about her trip to Switzerland and the affair that she had during her stay. She also talks about failing a French exam so has to take it…

A note telling Mrs. Monteith how glad he was to speak at the beginning of the Bob Monteith Memorial Tournament.

This card notes Mrs. Monteith's donations to the church through March 31, 1962.

This card notes Mrs. Monteith's donations to the church through June 30, 1962.

This card notes Mrs. Monteith's donations to the church through December 31, 1961.

This card notes Mrs. Monteith's donations to the church through September 30, 1961.

This card notes Mrs. Monteith's donations to the church through March 31, 1961.

Clara talks about not getting a lot of correspondence from the United States. She talks about having a heart attack and recovering.

Henry tells Carrie that he received the newspapers about Cousin Ernest's death. He then goes on to update her on the happenings of various people.

Mrs. Bates invites Carrie and Nancy to come visit in the next year. She says that there is a lot of loss around her neighborhood and she hopes that…

A newspaper clipping is attached with the headline "The Fayette Tribune Pays Tribute to E. M. Cabell." The article says that Mr. Cabell just…

Lt. Smith talks about his visit with Mrs. Vesty and tour of the camp Jimmie was in. There is a drawing of the camp on one of the pages.

A newspaper clipping is attached with the headline "Hugh McGuire Brand Transferred to Washington by Navy." Hugh McGuire Brand is the grandson of Mr.…

A newspaper clipping is attached with the headline "Lt. Comdr. Ralph Jones Aboard Enterprise." Lt. Comdr. Jones is married to Mr. E. M. Cabell's…

Helen sends Mrs. Monteith an Easter greeting card with a letter written on the back regarding the ceremony and honor of the Congressional Medal of…

E.M. Cabell sends a newspaper clipping about the occasion of Mrs. Monteith recieving the Congressional Medal of Honor for Jimmie.

Bob sends his mother cash as a present. He says his plans for a present fell through.

Jack thanks Mrs. Monteith for sitting and talking to him the other night at dinner. He updates her on life at Camp Peary.

Isabel thanks Mrs. Monteith for sending a package to her mother. She updates her on her family.

Jack thanks Mrs. Monteith for the package. He talks about recieving a phone call from Jimmie where they made plans to meet up in London on December…

A postcard with a newspaper clipping entitled "Thanksgiving" by George C. McIntosh with a note at the bottom from Bessie.

A postcard with a newspaper clipping talking about Mrs. E. M. Cabell celebrating her 78th birthday.

A postcard with a newspaper clipping talking about Cadet Cabell Brand, the Cabell's grandson, returning to VMI after serving in the Army to finish his…

A postcard with a newspaper clipping talking about Mrs. Woodrow Wilson visiting Mrs. and Mrs. E. M. Cabell.

A postcard from the Cabell Coal Company with a newspaper clipping talking about a Navy Vessel being named after Lietenant Acree.

A letter from a soldier thanking the Monteiths for letting him and Virgil stay for Christmas at their house. He talks about his travels back to Fort…

Newspaper clipping of the death of Lieut. John W. Acree, presumably the Cabell's son-in-law.

A get well card from some friends who missed Mr. Monteith at a convention they all went to.

A letter of condolence for Jimmie's father's passing.

Death recognition of Jimmie W. Monteith, Sr. from the Cabell Coal Company

A letter of condolence and encouragement for Mr. J. W. Monteith (Jimmie's father) passing.
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