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  • Collection: Cordie Cheek Papers, 1933-1934 (Ms1987-026)

Report of events after the Cordie Cheek lynching.

Extensive summary of the event where A. E. Barnett interviewed several men involved in the Cordie Cheek case.

Official report by Dr. Arthur Raper. Focuses on events leading up to the lynching and the public response in Maury County.

Summary of the events from the assault allegation to the kidnapping and the lynching. Includes the grand jury of the case.

Interview with James L. Garret. Garret was hauling hay in a truck when he was stopped by the mob and he witnessed the lynching of Cordie Cheek.

Two interviews of Dixie Stone, Fate Cheek, and Dr. Alva W. Taylor about the events of Cordie Cheek's lynching. They discuss the men who were looking…
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