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Newspaper clipping of the death of Lieut. John W. Acree, presumably the Cabell's son-in-law.

Jimmie says that Uncle Archie is getting married on the upcoming weekend. Jimmie talks about the weather. He tells his mother that he has gained…

Jack talks about wanting to go see Mrs. Festy in Dorset soon, but hasn't had the time yet. He updates her on what has been going on, without any war…

Helen thanks Nancy for sending a "foreign" letter to her from a Reynold's brother in Rome. She also says that Bob has been in the hospital with sever…

Bob talks about his work setting up and learning to use the equipment. He talks about his C.O. and everyone's feelings towards him.

A postcard with a newspaper clipping talking about Cadet Cabell Brand, the Cabell's grandson, returning to VMI after serving in the Army to finish his…

Jimmie talks about the weather at camp. He thinks that victory for the Allied powers is becoming a reality. Jimmie talks about censorship of mail.…

Jimmie talks about being the mail censor and having to take time reading over the men's letters. Jimmie says that he heard that coal was hard to get…

Bob talks about trying to find Christmas presents for his mother and Nancy. He talks about being offered another job, but turning it down, because he…

Jimmie talks about his work everyday at the rifle range. He says that he served as Best Man in Uncle Archie's wedding. He talks about his friend Jack…

Bob talks about the places he's going to be training next, San Clemente Island, the Mohave Desert, and Pearl Harbor. He talks about the recreational…

A postcard with a newspaper clipping entitled "Thanksgiving" by George C. McIntosh with a note at the bottom from Bessie.

Written insert say that Jimmie received a box of delicious candy.

Bob talks about trying to find Christmas presents for his mother and Nancy. Bob talks about how work has not been very busy for 10 days.

Jimmie talks about the history of the 16th infantry. Jimmie thinks that this is the last Christmas he won't be home for. He talks about the reasoning…

Jimmie talks about the Thanksgiving meal he had. He talks about the kitten that he has been living with which he has named Jimmie.

Bob warns Nancy not to have the cateye of the ring heated when she's getting it resized. He also talks about the victory in the Philippines.

A newspaper clipping is attached with the headline "Lt. Comdr. Ralph Jones Aboard Enterprise." Lt. Comdr. Jones is married to Mr. E. M. Cabell's…

Henry tells Carrie that he received the newspapers about Cousin Ernest's death. He then goes on to update her on the happenings of various people.

Jimmie says that he is in England. He says that he expects to see Jack Rich and his cousin Clara soon.

Jimmie talks about the work he is doing. He says that the girls he has seen in Alabama don't measure up to the girls in Virginia.

Jimmie tells his sister about going to Greenville on the weekends and visiting with a family friend who took him to dinner and a movie. The work at…

Frances writes a love letter detailing what she's doing and how she misses him.

A postcard with a newspaper clipping talking about Mrs. E. M. Cabell celebrating her 78th birthday.

Jimmie talks about the young ages (mostly below 23) of the new group of men. He says that he found a friend from Richmond. He is sending photos to his…

Jimmie tells his mother that he has been eating the candy that she sent him. He tells his mother that he can get her nylon stockings and silk.

Memoir by Stevenson W. and Margaret R. Fletcher about their lives from 1908-1914, including living at Solitude, the birth of several of their…

Presentation drawing for the San Francisco Ballet Building, part of the Civic Center complex in San Francisco. Project #0753

Jimmie talks about the delay in mail. And hopes that his brother, Bob, can stay stationed in the U.S. for a while longer.

Bob talks about San Clemente Island. He also describes the radar sets that he works with.

Jimmie tells his sister that he's been reading the book "Without Orders" from his "Pocket Entertainer". He talks about the other literature that is…

Bob talks about war news of a friend's squadron in the Philippines.

Letter, Sherwood Anderson to Llewellyn Jones, December 14, 1924

Envelope, Sherwood Anderson to Llewellyn Jones, December 14, 1924

Jimmie tells his mother that he isn't getting leave for Christmas, but will get it in January. He talks about what they're doing in the camp for…

Bob talks about a storm on San Clemente that caused their gear to get wet which made a lot of work for them. He also talks about his plans to go back…

Mrs. Bates invites Carrie and Nancy to come visit in the next year. She says that there is a lot of loss around her neighborhood and she hopes that…

Elevations for recreation building showing typical building materials for Pacific Point Condominiums. Project # 0577

Jimmie tells his father he might get a Christmas furlough. He says he received the peanuts that his parents sent.

Bob tells his mother about a hike he went on. He is in the middle of exams. He discusses plans for Christmas and his hope that Jimmie will be able to…

A newspaper clipping is attached with the headline "Hugh McGuire Brand Transferred to Washington by Navy." Hugh McGuire Brand is the grandson of Mr.…

Bob talks about receiving a Christmas card from Mrs Yonker in the States. He says that at work they have been taken over by NACTU (Night Air Combat…

Bob tells his mother that he got her Christmas package. He talks about the cold weather and the new hats they got for the cold. He talks about the…

A letter showing support for Mrs. Monteith during the holiday and recalling memories spent with her family.

Jimmie reflects on what the family has gone through in the past year. He tells his mother that his leave could be cancelled at any time, but it's…

Jimmie talks about the four-day leave he just returned from with Jack Rich in London. He talks about getting a package from his mother and from Bob.

Bob talks about how Christmas is going to be really different this year. He talks about buying a camera for himself.

Jimmie thanks his mother for the presents and tells her about his plans to spend Christmas in Greenville at the Ballengers home.

Jimmie talks about how the English are being so kind to him, inviting him to dinner for Christmas. He talks about his three days with his friend Jack…
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