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A scrapbook of poetry, newspaper clippings and pressed flowers from the 1860s, likely created by Virginia Bedinger Lucas, younger sister of Daniel Bedinger Lucas. Virginia was born December 16, 1837 and died April 27, 1867. Daniel was born March 16,…

Letter sent from S. Meredith to "Capt. of Co 'I' 13th Virginia Cav. informing him of John Newton Smith's death.

This list contains the dates of the war experiences of S. L. Walton.

Autobiographical note created by S. L. Walton detailing his time in the army.

Printed copy of Robert E. Lee's farewell address.

An image of Robert E. Lee on horseback.

Ambrotype photograph of Robert E. Lee.

Electrotype replica of the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America produced in the early 1870s.

Goodson asks Samuel Huff to pay George Helton two pounds and five shillings for him.

Samuel Huff says that he will pay James Goad $10.00.

Huff promises to pay John Snyder one pound and nine pence.

Keef promises 8 dollars to be paid on or before November 1, 1806.

Promises 4 dollars, 4 shillings and two sixpences.

Bird Smith says that he will give Samuel Huff 30 acres of land.

Promissory note marking the payment of eight dollars and 90 cents to Riley Hylton.

Photograph of the Preston marker in Sinking Springs Cemetery.

The first letter is dated on July 28, 1861 and is written by James Francis Preston to his wife, Sarah Caperton Preston following the First Battle of Bull Run. He writes about the battle’s events and his own movements, including executing a direct…

Hylton writes a poem to her husband, Lorenzo, about receiving the picture that he sent.
Portrait of T. B. Yeaman, of Keysville, VA, and likely the brother of William H. Yeaman. On the back of the photo is written "T. B. Yeaman before he cut his beard." The date is unknown.
Portrait of T. B. Yeaman, of Keysville, VA, and likely the brother of William H. Yeaman. On the back of the photo is written "T. B. Yeaman Keysville, Va. after he shaved off long beard" The date is unknown.
Portrait of Pearl Yeaman, Abilene, Va, the date is unknown.
Portrait of E. T. Yeaman "before he married." the date is unknown.

Photograph of a young man, possibly a Civil War soldier.

Letter granting S. L. Walton permission to take leave.
October 25, 1863, To Mollie from Wash in Westwood and March 31, 1865, To Mollie from Wash in Fort Delaware (Two Letters to One Envelope)

This letter was sent from O. H. Wolcott to Edgar Knapp on May 23, 1864.
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