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Goodson asks Samuel Huff to pay George Helton two pounds and five shillings for him.

Samuel Huff says that he will pay James Goad $10.00.

Bird Smith says that he will give Samuel Huff 30 acres of land.

Weddle informs Samuel Huff of his welfare after his trip and what he saw while he traveled.

Keef promises 8 dollars to be paid on or before November 1, 1806.

Indenture between Bird Smith and William Thompson, for land on the west fork of Little River in Montgomery County, VA.

Huff promises to pay John Snyder one pound and nine pence.

Promises 4 dollars, 4 shillings and two sixpences.

Fine of 1 dollar and 50 cents to Samuel Huff for delinquency at Battalion and Augt. Musters

Montgomery County loan account in the name of Samuel Huff

Hylton tells her husband about the birth of her daughter and about the family helping to get the corn in.

Hylton talks about traveling from Abingdon, VA to Saltville, VA and about where they are going next.

Hylton tells his wife that he is going to start marching from Kentucky to Virginia soon. He also instructs her to sell the cows at home.

Near Petersburg, Hylton tells his wife about the camp and getting his picture taken to send to her.

Lorenzo Hylton tells Burwell Hylton to tell his wife that he has sent a picture to her and to look for it at Uncle Bryant's.

Hylton updates his wife on his recovery since his injury.

Slusher informs Barbara Hylton of the death of her husband, Lorenzo.

Five dollar confederate bond.

Isa Hylton writes to Barbara regarding Lorenzo Hylton's death.

Note telling the recipient that they will be receiving a lock of hair.

Hubbard tells her sister that they've both lost their companions and talks about moving on with the children.

Huff tells her sister that misfortune has made her move to another place in Putnam County.

Promissory note marking the payment of eight dollars and 90 cents to Riley Hylton.

Huff asks her sister for news of her health and tells her about a baby who died recently after falling ill. *on back of letter - another letter from…

Assignment of real estate in Patrick County, VA., of James Dillion to his widow, Barbara Dillion.

Letter regarding Lorenzo D. Hylton's gravesite in Marietta, Georgia. Certificate of Hylton's war record.

"United forever" stitched with two hearts with an arrow through them.

Hylton writes a poem to her husband, Lorenzo, about receiving the picture that he sent.

Addressed to Mrs. Barbara Hylton of Floyd Co., VA.

Hylton talks about what he heard about the battle at Richmond.

Letter from Everett Hutchins to his sister, written January 3, 1864 at Lookout Valley, Tennessee. Everett discusses winter quarters, the regiment's…

Letter from Everett Hutchins to his sister, written on April 3, [1864], at Lookout Valley Tennessee. Everett discusses at length brother Warren's term…

Milton S. Koontz's Diary from the dates June 10, 1863 to December 31, 1863. Focuses primarily on the military related actions of each day

Milton S. Koontz's Diary from March 1865 to May 1865. Primarily details the movements and actions of Koontz and his fellow troops.

Letter from George W. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Shares experiences of camp life and his fellow soldiers. Includes an explanation of credit due in case…

Letter from George W. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Discusses prospects of peace, recent battles (Manassas) and the current ongoings in the army.

Letter from George W. Koontz to his mother. Discusses current illness and letters recieved from others.

Letter from George W. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Discusses recent ongoings in the war.

Letter from George W. Koontz to Sister Nellie & Cousin Alice. Discusses the numerous dead that resulted from a recent battle.

Letter from George W. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Discusses current thoughts on the war, wishes to return home, and requests for clothing.

Letter from George W. Koontz to his Mother. Recalls events since last letter (from Camp Mitchell's Station). Includes other war news and requests for…

Letter from George W. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Recounts recent events around Madeenville. Also dicusses recent correspondences with other family…

Letter from George W. Koontz to Nellie. Shares that his troop will march to the front lines and explains other troop movements around Culpeper,…

Letter from George W. Koontz to his Mother. Gives a detailed account of the "Great Battle" that occured on the Plank & Old Orange & Fredericksburg…

Letter from George W. Koontz to his sister [Nellie?]. Details the current state of Koontz and his fellow soldiers. Also recounts recent battles at…
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