Generals & Flag Officers of Virginia Tech, 1883-1984

Virginia Tech, with over a 146-year military tradition, has 97 generals and admirals among its alumni. These include 3 four star Generals, 11 Lieutenant Generals, 33 Major Generals, 42 Brigadier Generals, and 8 Rear Admirals. Forty-four have been from the Army, 34 from the Air Force, 6 from the Navy, 2 from the Coast Guard, and 1 from the Marine Corps, 9 from the National Guard, and 1 from the Militia. With the addition of Navy/Marine ROTC in 1983 at Virginia Tech, the naval service expects a greater representation over the next 125 years. The class with the greatest number of generals is the class of 1941.


This list was compiled by LTC John A. Coulter '76 and Tamara Kennelly in 1993. Updates have been made several times between 1993 and 2020.