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The Civil War diary of Richard Colburn, an enlisted soldier of the 12th Infantry of the United States Regular Army attached to the Army of the…

While Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil was marketed until the 1940s and 1950s, the particular trade card in this collection most likely dates to the late…

A rare piece of Prohibition-era cocktailiana, presenting recipes for 72 concoctions listed alphabetically from Alexander to Woodstock, in a"slide…

Children of Henry H. Wilson + their girlfriend. Taken at 907 Front St., Harrisonburg, PA, on June 1, 1930.

Jimmie hopes he can get home for leave at the end of the week. War news is going well and the Russians are doing well against the Germans as well as…

Jimmie refers to himself as a "boy" who wants nothing more than to be at home with his Mother. Jimmie talks about a "Scottie dog" named Roscoe hanging…

Bob tells his mother about his instructors and school. He also talks about the gas rationing that his mother is experiencing.

A letter from the Alumni Association of Virginia Polytechnic Institute regarding Mrs. Monteith donation in memory of Robert P. Monteith. Also, he…

Jimmie says that he will be in charge of the heaters and that there are some men being sent to Alabama, but thankfully he is not one of them. He…

Bob talks about getting to Holtville, CA. He talks about getting his other half stripe and getting more responsibility for the radar equipment.

Jimmie says that everyone at the camp is in better spirits. Jimmie talks about his travels back to camp. He talks about going to an officers dinner…

Jimmie says that the English are using as much American slang as the Americans do. Jimmie is impressed by how the English use their land. He says that…

Meriwether asks Nancy about the car accident. She says that David is on a destroyer escort and now she is worried about him.

Bob talks about traveling to the Portsmouth and Boston Navy Yards over the weekend. He talks about the exams he's having before he gets to go back to…

She talks about her trip to Switzerland and the affair that she had during her stay. She also talks about failing a French exam so has to take it…

Jimmie talks about experiencing "real English weather" of rain. Jimmie talks about Roscoe, the dog, entertaining the soldiers.

Jimmie tells his mother that because of his duties, he missed the trip to Alabama. He remarks on his father's health and the fact that he's not…

Jimmie talks about the weather. He has been put in charge of homing pidgeons. Jimmie will be in charge of training the new trainees in their first…

Bob talks about traveling to and from Hueneme. He also talks about asking his wife to send some clothes to him.

Jimmie talks about his health being good except for a small cold while in Sicily. Jimmie says Jack's baby was born on December 16th while they were…

Jack tells Mrs. Monteith that he's sorry for her loss. He talks about getting ready to move to an Island for training soon. There is also a newspaper…

Lt. Smith talks about his visit with Mrs. Vesty and tour of the camp Jimmie was in. There is a drawing of the camp on one of the pages.

Jimmie tells his father that a new group of men are coming in the next day which he is happy about, because he has been keeping busy doing odd jobs…

A newspaper clipping is attached with the headline "The Fayette Tribune Pays Tribute to E. M. Cabell." The article says that Mr. Cabell just…

Bob talks about his mother getting her car back. He talks about running problems all through the night for work.

Bob thanks his mother and Nancy for the Christmas presents.

Jimmie talks about the new men in the company and his interactions with them.

Bob tells his mother about the new instructors for his classes and the icy weather. He reflects on his mother's Christmas hosting two men who Jimmie…

A letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia's World War II Memorial Commission notifying her that the Memorial will be completed in about a year. He is…

Isabel thanks Mrs. Monteith for sending a package to her mother. She updates her on her family.

Jimmie tells his mother that he would like for her to send candy about once every week or two. Jimmie talks about going to Palermo for pleasure and…

Jimmie tells his mother that the mail is flowing smoothly again.

Jimmie says they had a parade for the regimental commander who is leaving. The new commander is Col. Golightly. Uncle Archie got engaged. Jimmie says…

Bob talks about the delay in sending a present for his mother and Nancy using cateyes. He talks about receiving three packages for Christmas.

Bob talks about his friend coming to visit and having dinner with him. He talks about the campaign and how he feels about it.

Jimmie tells his mother about a trip to Greenville with a friend and he finds out there are a few girls colleges that he wanted to visit a friend at…
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