Letter, Clarence Derrick to President Andrew Johnson, Fort Delaware, June 17, 1865 (Ms2012-014)

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The collection consists of a single letter from Lt. Colonel Clarence Derrick (1837-1907), 23rd Battalion, Virginia Infantry, to President Andrew Johnson (which Derrick misspells as "Johnston"), dated June 17, 1865. Derrick writes to petition his release from Fort Delaware, following the end of the war and his signing the amnesty oath. Derrick was released on June 24, 1865, though whether because of the petition or not is unknown. The letter was forwarded on Derrick's behalf to President Johnson by Brigadier General Albin Schoepf, commander of Fort Delaware.
Clarence Derrick was born in Washington, DC, in September 1837. He attended the U.S. Military Academy from 1857 to 1861, graduated in June 1861, and was promoted briefly into the U.S. Army. He resigned his Corps of Engineers commission and was dismissed in July 1861. He enlisted in the Confederate Army almost immediately. He worked as General John Floyd's adjutant with the 51st Regiment, Virginia Infantry. The regiment was later reorganized as the 23rd Battalion, Virginia Infantry. Derrick was a Lieutenant Colonel and in command of the battalion by April 1862. He was captured at Winchester, September 1864 and released from Fort Delaware June 1865.
Following the war, he was a lawyer (and possibly a professor of mathematics) in Marion, Alabama. He continued to practice law in Greensboro, Alabama, and eventually established a cotton plantation. By 1880, he was livingin Greensboro with his first wife's (Fannie Peay) family. After 1900, he appears to have retired to Pennsylvania. He died in 1907, while on a visit to Greensboro, survived by his third wife, Alice Paschall Darlington Derrick. He did not have any children.
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