Letter, William Leonard to Parents, Near Petersburg Va., June 15, 1864 (Ms2011-106)


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Virginia Wednesday June 15th /64

Dear Parents

I thought I would write you again

to let you know my whereabouts and

that I am well. we started Sunday

night from Gains Farm and marche all

the day Monday and Brought up at the

James River. pretty well worn out.

last night we crossed on the Transport

Emily to this side of the river, where we

are now I dont know when we can send

this there has been no mail since we

left Gains Farm [Gaine’s Mill]. I put a letter in the

mail bag to Mr. Walker but had to

take it out again. I guess we will

get a mail before long. most of the

boys are out of rations again but we

are going to draw this morning. I have

a few hard tack + Coffe + Sugar yet. they

had ought to give us rations for

the nights to for they keep us up so

much. the James river is a pretty

large river. I hear we are within nine

miles of Petersburg. when they tell you

it is nine miles to a place you may depend it

is twenty. you may depend if Richmond

is not taken this time it never can

be. the Country we came through is a

beautifull Country Wheat + Oats fields

every thing nice fruit of all kinds

the People have plenty to eat, so do

the Rebbel Army. I saw twenty five

hundred Prisoners in one batch they

were nice looking men haver sacks

full, did not look as if they had been

starved. they were taken at the

Wilderness I have not much faith

that Grant [Ulysses S. Grant] can take Richmond it

is so strongly fortified. It seemed

good to see some Steemboats once

more looked kind of human. if there

was only Peace this must be a nice

place to live. you cant Immagine

what a sight of Property is destroyed

where the Army goes. I hope this will

[Continued on the next page] find you well.


Letter, William Leonard to Parents, Near Petersburg Va., June 15, 1864 (Ms2011-106)







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