Photograph, "Group Photograph", March 25, 1947 (Ms2014-002)

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Photograph, "Group Photograph", March 25, 1947 (Ms2014-002)


Kodacolor photo of a group of 13 women, numbered with pen. On the back, a partial listing of the women is written out. Remainder of the list is contained on the back of the undated Sue Williams letter in this collection. Complete ordered list of subjects is as follows: Thelma Weiler, Mrs. H.B. Copenhauer, Beulah Allen, Ruby Dickerson, Stafford Harris (Front), Helen Converse, Mrs. John Cunningham (Front), Mrs. Eulalia Hale, [Unknown], Donnie Anderson, Lucia Drewry, Mary Winstead (Front), Miss Elizabeth Woolwine.





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