M. Rupert Cutler Papers (Ms2020-005)


M. Rupert Cutler Papers (Ms2020-005)


Roanoke (Va.)
Roanoke County (Va.)


The M. Rupert Cutler Papers include personal and professional correspondence, records of Cutler's participation in a variety of clubs, boards, and committees, documents pertaining to local Roanoke issues and events, speeches, articles, and other writings by Cutler, news clippings pertaining to Cutler's interests, photographs, audio cassettes, CDs, VHS cassettes, and awards and certificates. The collection provides a comprehensive history of the personal and professional activities of M. Rupert Cutler from 1981-2021, and also contains some records from 1962-1980. Most records from before 1977 are housed at the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan. Records from his service in the Carter Administration, 1977-1981, are housed at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta. This exhibit was created as part of a project funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC).


M. Rupert Cutler




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A video taken of site selection and barn raising on Explore Park property in Spring of 1992.

An interview conducted with Dr. Cutler talking about Explore Park and its services. First aired May 5, 1996.

A promotional video created to advertise Explore Park in Roanoke, Virginia.

An award presented by the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club to Cutler to acknowledge his work on the Roanoke City Council to make Roanoke more bicycle friendly

Dr. Cutler and other Roanoke Kiwanis Club members display their white containers with hearts on them

Dr. Cutler points to a map of Explore Park during a speech
2020-005_113_021_001 (1).jpg

A detailed itinerary for an event honoring the alumni of Michigan State University

Dr. Cutler stands with the president of Hollins University Pareena Lawrence at a University event
2020-005_107_015_002 (1).jpg

A copy of the speech given by Dr. Cutler at the ceremony celebrating the 200th Aniversary of a building named after his ancestor Manasseh Cutler at…

A photograph of Dr. Cutler giving a speech at the 200th Aniversary event for a building named after his ancestor Manasseh Cutler at Ohio University.
2020-005_105_029_001 (1).jpg

A detailed itinerary of events for the Natchez Trace trip taken by Dr. Cutler and Brenda McDaniels

Dr. Cutler poses with other galley attendees at an event at the Taubman Art Museum

Dr. Cutler poses with two other former presidents of the Roanoke Kiwanis Club

Dr. Cutler poses with the certificate and medal recognizing his work on the William Preston Memorial Project
2020-005_104_021_004 (1).jpg

A detailed itinerary of events for the Alumni Campus Abroad trip to the Amalfi Coast

An award presented to Dr. Cutler for completing the Alumni Campus Abroad Program.

A picture of Dr. Cutler on the Amalfi Coast during a vacation.

A picture of Dr. Cutler and Brenda McDaniel on the Amalfi Coast during a vacation

Dr. Cutler stands at a podium and gives a high five to another member of the Sons of the American Revolution

Dr. Cutler stands with two other members of the Sons of the American Revolution at the Phase I completion celebration

The program for the event celebrating the completion of Phase I of the William Preston Memorial Project
2020-005_103_016_002 (1).jpg

A status report given by Dr. Cutler to members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, who helped to fundraise for the William Preston Memorial
2020-005_103_016_001 (1).jpg

A script of Dr. Cutler's remarks at the ceremony commemorating the completion of Phase I of the Willaim Preston Memorial Project

A photograph taken after the marriage of Rupert Cutler and Brenda McDaniel.

A photograph taken after the marriage of Rupert Cutler and Brenda McDaniel.

Dr. Cutler and Liz Belcher stand together at an event celebrating the Roanoke Greenways
2020-005_101_033_001 (1).jpg

A detailed itinerary of Dr. Cutler and Brenda McDaniel's trip to the Pacific Northwest

A group photo of members of the Sons of the American Revolution who were involved in the William Preston Memorial Project

Dr. Cutler giving a presentation to members of the National Forest Service

A certificate of appreciation for Dr. Cutler's service on the Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

A marked up agenda for the Roanoke Arts Commission
2020-005_97_011_002 (1).jpg

A script for a presentation to the Roanoke City COuncil on behalf of the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy
2020-005_97_011_001 (1).jpg

A certificate for the nomination of Dr. Rupert Cutler for the Community School's Local Hero Award
2020-005_94_012_001 (1).jpg

Correspondence between Dr. Cutler and another Roanoke resident about the feral cat issue in the City of Roanoke.

Dr. Cutler stands with the sign for the Saint Mary's Wilderness area of the George Washington National Forest

A group photo of Roanoke Kiwanis Club members who participated in a clean up event in the city

An anti-uranium mining sticker

A pamphlet produced to educate Virginians about the potential dangers of uranium mining in the state

A map of the nature trails established in the Carvins Cove area of Roanoke.
2020-005_89_009_003 (1).jpg

A resolution passed by Roanoke City Council approving funding to connect the Bridge Street and Salem sections of the Roanoke River Greenway.
2020-005_89_009_002 (1).jpg

Notes made by Dr. Cutler during a meeting with a City of Roanoke Engineer about the Roanoke River Greenway.
2020-005_89_009_001 (1).jpg

A report on the status of the greenways in the City of Roanoke.

Rupert Cutler and Pam Kestner at the reception for the Kiwanis International president

The plaque associated with the commemmorative tree planted in honor of Dr. Cutler's service on the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Outdoors…

Dr. Cutler stands with another man by the sign for Brown-Robertson Park, where they had been birdwatching

A certificate awarded to Dr. Cutler for his service to the chapter and the Roanoke community

Dr. Cutler gives a speech as a Roanoke City Council member

Dr. Cutler stands by the sign of the Gathright Wildlife Management Area, where he was birdwatching

Dr. Cutler stands holding onto a tree in the woods

A map of the route that Roanoke Kiwanis Club members took to clean up the Lick Run Greenway

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