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Letter to other Vriginia college gay and lesbian groups from Roland Follot regarding a planned trip to Kings Dominion Amusement Park.

Letter from Jo Ann Underwood to mark Weber regarding a newspaper article.

Personal note card from J. Dean O'Donnel to Mark Weber.

Letter from Brian McConnel to Mark Weber regarding an upcoming conference for gay student group leaders being held by JMU's Harmony student group.

Letter to Mark Weber from Ann Goette thanking him and the AIDS Education Committee for her honorarium she received for writng "Matthew" and reading…

Letter to lambda Horizon Officers and Members from Senior Sociology major Victoria L. Smith asking for the groups help and advice with her seminar…

Letter from the Squires Student Center Program Director, Mary L Thoreen, and the Squires Ticket Office manager Sue Vinson, to Lambda Horizon President…

Letter from Patrick Hanrahan to mark Weber regarding possible organization activities for Lambda Horizon in the coming months.

A letter from Lambda Horizon President Mark Weber to Raft, the Sociology Department, the Psychology Department, the Family and Childe Development…

Letter to the friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark weber regarding a retirement celebration for Lambda Horizon supporter Luther Brice.

Letter from Paul M. Gherman, Director of Libraries, to Lambda Horizon requesting a group representative to contact him to discuss "a matter of…

Letter to the Editor-in-Chief of the Collegiate Times from Mark Weber asking him to consider writing a story on Virginia Tech's Student Health…

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark Weber announcing the group's first Gay Alumni Weekend.

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark Weber asking for their support and financial assistance.

Letter to the Virginia tech Faculty from Lambda Horizon Officers regarding the services the grioup provides to students and faculty at Virginia tech.

Letter from Lambda Horizon President Mark Weber to the Collegiate Times editiorials editor Rochelle Royce submitting an editorial for the paper.

A leter from former Lambda Horizon President Mark Weber to University of Virginia's Director of Student Health Services Dr. Richard P. Keeling…

Letter from Dr. Richard P. Keeling, the University of Virginia's Diractor of Student Health, to Mark Weber regarding arrangements for the upcoming…

A letter from the Director of Student Health Services, Dr. Charles W. Schiffert to the Student Budget Board encouraging them to approve funding for…

Letter from Lambda Horizon Spokesperson Brian McConnell to Mark Weber concerning an alumni group and a statewide conference for gay and lesbian…

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon announcing the groups partnership with the university to present Virginia Tech's AIDS Education Forum.

Letter to Lambda Horizon President Mark A. Weber from the University of Virginia's Director of Student Health inviting him and Jo Anne Underwood to…

Letter from Miller to a friend, talking about camp life and activities, including cutting down trees.
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