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Gemini 10 Prime Crew Official Photograph, Astronauts John W. Young and Michael Collins.

Newspaper Articles "U.S.-Soviet Box Score on Astronauts' Flights", "Astronauts Back at the Cape, Reporting Columbus was Right", and "Mike's Walk Reel…

Newspaper Articles "The Triumph of the Gemini 10" and "3-Day Trip Ends With Bagful of Records" (07/21/66)

Newspaper Articles "Gemini Docks With Agena, Then Starts a Maneuver to Blast into New Orbit" (07/19/66) and "22 Items Left in Space by Returning…

Newspaper Article "Gemini Pair Get the Go-Go For Collins' Dance in Space", July 17, 1966.

Cover Sheet, "Gemini 10 Astros M. Collins J. Young".

New York Post article "Twins Praise the Featniks Back at the Pad", July 22, 1966.

New York article "Gemini Splashes Down 3 Miles From Target", July 22, 1966.

The New York Times article "Gemini 10 Flight Ends With a Splashdown 3 Miles From Target", July 22, 1966.

Daily News Article "1st Space Walk Between 2 Vehicles" from July 21, 1966.

Daily News Headline "Mike Zip-Guns to Flying Agena But Fuel Gap Cuts Trip Short", July 21, 1966.

Daily News article "Oxygen Trouble Halts Space Stunt" from July 20, 1966.

Newspaper article "Gem Twins Latch on to Agena" from the Daily News, July 19, 1966.

New York Post Headline "G-Twins Top Russians 476 Miles Up!", July 19, 1966.
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