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Jimmie talks about the possibility of a furlough. He talks about how his Christmas was and the presents and cards that he received. He says that his…

Jimmie thanks his mother for the presents and tells her about his plans to spend Christmas in Greenville at the Ballengers home.

Jimmie tells his father he might get a Christmas furlough. He says he received the peanuts that his parents sent.

Jimmie tells his mother that he will remain at the camp permanently to be an instructor.

Written insert say that Jimmie received a box of delicious candy.

Jimmie says that work has been busy with a 10 mile hike and rifle training. He says he can't come home for Thanksgiving, but he might be able to get a…

Jimmie tells his sister about going to Greenville on the weekends and visiting with a family friend who took him to dinner and a movie. The work at…

Tells his father about issues in camp with the hot temperatures, red clay soil, and hot water heater. He says that they received more clothing and…

Jimmie tells his mother about a trip to Greenville with a friend and he finds out there are a few girls colleges that he wanted to visit a friend at…

Informs Jimmie Monteith that he has been accepted for military service.
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