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Jimmie says there is little he can tell her except that he is at sea and is doing well.

Jimmie tells his mother that he is waiting for further orders on his transfer. Jimmie went to the dog races in Jacksonville. He says that wild hogs run around everywhere in Florida.

Jimmie talks about how hard working the men are. He talks about the hours that he works. Jimmie talks about the move to Camp Blanding.

Jimmie talks about the men in the bivouac and that it has been cold. He tells his mother that he enjoyed his visit home with her. Jimmie talks about Camp Blanding's features and how different it is from the other camps that he's been to.

Jimmie reminds his mother not to worry about him. He talks about a parade that the division had.

Jimmie tells his mother that they went on a march for 10 miles the night before. He talks about his finances.

Jimmie talks about his finances and the 119th moving out to bivouac for 10 days. He says that there is a nearby lake that he has been able to go swimming in.

Jimmie says that they marched and they had good weather for it. He talks again about his finances and asks his mother to see which checks are outstanding in his account.

Jimmie talks about trying to calculate his income tax. He says that Florida has turned cold again, but he is beginning to like Camp Blanding.

Jimmie hopes he can get home for leave at the end of the week. War news is going well and the Russians are doing well against the Germans as well as the U.S. is against the Japanese.

Jimmie says that everyone at the camp is in better spirits. Jimmie talks about his travels back to camp. He talks about going to an officers dinner soon. Jimmie talks about the weather and how the wildlife respond to it.

Jimmie talks about the weather. He has been put in charge of homing pidgeons. Jimmie will be in charge of training the new trainees in their first stage of training. Jimmie says that the prices in the officers mess hall have gone up.

Jimmie talks about the new men in the company and his interactions with them.

Jimmie is in Jacksonville for a vacation. He says that he is hoping to transfer into the 30th division from the 119th. He needs her to send money to move again and for his time in Jacksonville.

Jimmie says he is at port of embarkation and that they shouldn't worry about him. He says that he saw New York, but very little as he travelled through.

Jimmie says that it has been steadily raining for several days in North Africa and he has had "a regular engineering project" to drain the water. He tells a story about a soldier and an arab boy trying to make a deal over a knife.

Jimmie tells his family about the animals that he is seeing. He also tells his mother that he got a surplus of money that was sent to her.

Jimmie talks about his old friends in the 16th Infantry. Jimmie says that some of the American men sang a war song for the French who seemed to enjoy it.

Jimmie reassures his mother that he's well and happy. He says that censorship of letters has gotten stricter, but he has received a lot of mail recently. He received the pictures of her and the rest of his family and showed them to the other…

Jimmie talks about being the mail censor and having to take time reading over the men's letters. Jimmie says that he heard that coal was hard to get back in the States. Jimmie says he's living in a building for the first time since Camp Croft.

Jimmie talks about the history of the 16th infantry. Jimmie thinks that this is the last Christmas he won't be home for. He talks about the reasoning for censorship.

Jimmie says that he's had time to go swimming and play ball recently. He asks his mother to buy a present for his friend from his allotment check.

Jimmie says that he's traveled across the majority of North Africa through all the major cities. He describes everything he's seen.

Jimmie tells his mother that he would like for her to send candy about once every week or two. Jimmie talks about going to Palermo for pleasure and describes what he saw. He compares Palermo to Jacksonville, FL. Jimmie doesn't believe that the war…

Jimmie talks about how the English are being so kind to him, inviting him to dinner for Christmas. He talks about his three days with his friend Jack Rich in London. Jimmy talks about going to see a musical show called "Strike a New Note." Jimmie…

Jimmie says that mail has been very slow. Jimmie talks about his busy holiday going to meals and parties in London. Jimmie hears of General George Patton getting publicity, but says that Allen and Roosevelt should also get some credit as heroes.

Jimmie talks about the news from the Richmond Times-Dispatch in regard to labor strikes in the U.S. trying to raise their wages. He says that Americans at home don't really know there is a war going on if they aren't directly connected by it. He says…

Jimmie has arrived in Sicily. He talks about the welcoming that the Italians gave the Americans. He is worried about his finances and hid paycheck getting put in the bank.

Jimmie tells his sister that he's been reading the book "Without Orders" from his "Pocket Entertainer". He talks about the other literature that is included in it. He talks about the officers all sharing candy from home with each other.

Mrs. Monteith says that she is well. She says that Bob has a nice home with roommates set up. She gives news on the neighbors and Jimmie's friends.

This postcard tells Mrs. Monteith of how to address letters to him. It says that he is in an unassigned company.

Jimmie tells his mother that the mail is flowing smoothly again.

Jimmie says he has not gotten to his outfit yet. Jimmie says that the French control everything and that he's beginning to understand the arabs more.
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