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Anonymous handwritten note "Dear VA Tech, My heart is so very sad...", written on a notepad with a cherry border, red outline, and cornucopia at the bottom, signed M. C., and dated April 20, 2007

Anonymous handwritten note expressing sympathy toward Virginia Tech students, with a colored marker drawing of a person that is saying "I hope you feel better", dated April 24, 2007

A memorial mass enrollment card from the Society of the Little Flower requested by "A Mother - Florida".

A drawing of candles and sparklers, which says "Let all see my picture (if mamorial [sic] made, put on mamorial [sic] - [Emerson?]"

Sympathy card contains a drawing of the HokieBird as a phoenix rising out of ashes over the date "4.16.07" next to what is presumably the artist's signature [illegible]. Next to the head of the HokieBird are the words, "We will carry them with us,…

A green card with a drawing of a heart, crowned with a halo, with wings in the background, and the number "32" on the front. The drawing is over the words "Rest in Peace" and date "4-16-07". "Michigan '07" is written below, presumably the place and…

Anonymous handwritten note written on construction paper, expressing sympathy, "The courage + bravery that you all show...", and red hearts drawn across the paper, undated

Anonymous handwritten note on purple paper expressing sympathy with foam flower and leaf stickers from "Your friends in Delaware", undated

Anonymous handwritten note on lined paper expressing sympathy, "Dear Virginia Tech community!...", undated

Anonymous handwritten note divided into four quadrants, one of which includes John 3:16 of the New Testament, with color heart drawings expressing sympathy, undated

Anonymous handwritten note that says "Tears, Sympathy, Concern, Blessings, Hope...", on standard greeting card with scene from Glacier Park, undated

Anonymous handwritten note that says "May you have peace that passes all understanding", undated

Anonymous handwritten note that says "Peace" with peace sign drawing, undated
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