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"Forever in Peace" poem is copyrighted 2007 to Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection and was received from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

A letter from Mary L. Martin of Tidewater Community College, April 6, 2008, with an enclosed poem "Tears for Tech" by Martin, dated April 16, 2007. [Personal contact information has been redacted.]

The poem "Hope" by Emily Dickinson with an image of a feather, marked "Copyright 2008, Good Grie Resources, LLC."

A letter from Kevin M. Shea, Virginia Tech Class of 1989, dated April 21, 2008, with a poem entitled "Flower, Forest, Meadow: In memoril, 04/16/07", by Shea.

"Thirty Two Lights" poem is by an unknown author and unknown date.
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