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A letter from Kevin M. Shea, Virginia Tech Class of 1989, dated April 21, 2008, with a poem entitled "Flower, Forest, Meadow: In memoril, 04/16/07", by Shea.

"Forever in Peace" poem is copyrighted 2007 to Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection and was received from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The poem "Hope" by Emily Dickinson with an image of a feather, marked "Copyright 2008, Good Grie Resources, LLC."

A letter from Mary L. Martin of Tidewater Community College, April 6, 2008, with an enclosed poem "Tears for Tech" by Martin, dated April 16, 2007. [Personal contact information has been redacted.]

"Thirty Two Lights" poem is by an unknown author and unknown date.
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