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150th_106a. BOV_1921-1926_Pg309 4 racks high.jpg
This photo from the President's report to the Board of Visitors at the January 28, 1926, meeting, illustrates the dire need for dormitories on campus. By 1925, four students shared a 13 ft. x 15 ft. dorm room, and to make floor space they tied their…

150th_103. Dorms and HomeEc 1925.jpg
This cover from the Bulletin of VPI, Vol. XIX, No. 1, November 1925, indicates the need for funds for a new dormitory on campus, and this photo depicts the Home Economics Building, ca. 1925, which was previously the Agricultural Extension Division…

150th_087a. Opportunities by 4.jpg
These pages are from the Bulletin of VPI, Vol. XV, No. 6, Sept. 1922, and it advertises different opportunites that V. P. I. had for women in 1922/1923. The item focuses on opportunites within the applied sciences, but also discusses other fields…

Group photo of the Virginia Tech chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from the 1938 Bugle, picturing Carmen Venegas (first row, second from left)

Carrie Taylor Sibold's diploma for Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute State Agricultural and Mechanical College, awarded June 9, 1925.
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