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150th_037. Mary Goodwin Lacy (ID from 1899 Wytheville photo) -_DSC6619.jpeg

This is a photograph of Mary Goodwin Lacy that was taken in 1899.

Handwritten postcard written by Joseph to his brother Albert [A. J. Davis]. Updating Albert on the condition of their mother.

Transcription of a letter written by J. W. Davis, adressed to his brother, A. J. Davis. It talks about their mother, Elizabeth Ann Natt's sickness;…

A handwritten sketch and description of the boundaries and past owners of a parcel of land to be acquired by the Washington Mills Company.

A graduation speech Chaille gives to the graduating class of 1889. The students were medical students.

Envelope from 1899 letter by Snavely

The collection includes a letter written by J. A. Snavley, its envelope, and an advertisement postcard/mailer for Scientific American publications.…
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