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Looking south on Main Street, Blacksburg, VA. Even in 1925, parking space was at a premium.

Main Street Blacksburg, VA, circa 1925, prominently featuring Corner Drug Store.

150th_099. turkey hens 1925.jpg
This newspaper clipping describes the women's basketball team's victory over the "Bashful Basketeers" of Concord State. One of the captions uses the term "Turkey Hens", which is what the women's team called themselves. Because the University did not…

150th_098. campus proposed layout 1925_01.jpg
This map depicts the proposed lay-out of the V. P. I. campus in 1925.

From left to right: Mary Ella Carr Brumfield, Ruth Terrett, Lucy Lee Lancaster, Lousie Jacobs, Carrie Taylor Sibold

The first volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Early women students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) were not allowed to be inThe Bugleyearbook. For several years after they…

150th_103. Dorms and HomeEc 1925.jpg
This cover from the Bulletin of VPI, Vol. XIX, No. 1, November 1925, indicates the need for funds for a new dormitory on campus, and this photo depicts the Home Economics Building, ca. 1925, which was previously the Agricultural Extension Division…

Main Walk. Second Academic Building in background
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