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Virginia Techs 125th Techmen Are Ready.pdf

VPI President Julian Burruss comments on the large numbers of students joining the United States Army in the February 25, 1943 Virginia Tech.

Affidavit filled out by H. Halban of the National Research Council of Canada (Montreal Laboratory) for Robert E. Marshak for the Selective Service…

Two facing pages from a mill ledger recording mill employees and their families.

This broadside advertises the sale of the Yellow Sulphur Springs resort, taking place on August 14, 1943. The broadside details the property and…
Blacksburg Recollections Blacksburg Baptists Dedicate New Edifice.pdf

Newspaper article from the Roanoke Tribune describes the dedication of the First Baptist community's church.
Blacksburgs Bicentennial VPF Company.pdf

Article in the February 10, 1943 Danville Register about the new Blacksburg company for the Virginia Protective Force.
Virginia Techs 125th Forward March.pdf

Article from the February 25, 1943 Virginia Tech about Techmen going to war.
Stores Closing_ Free Manpower.pdf

Short article in the April 28, 1943 Montgomery News Messenger indicates stores will close early on Wednesday to cooperate with Victory Garden program.
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