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RG 2_10 RecordsPresidential NewmanWalterS B8F9 1953 Danville Extension.pdf
This pdf file contains the entirety of Box 8, Folder 9 from the
President Walter S. Newman Records (RG 2/10).

This 1953 document is an annual report about Tuberculosis in Virginia for the 1952-1953 year. It looks at the whole state's fight against the disease.

Blacksburgs Bicentennial Church Trends, 1934-1952.pdf
A pamphlet produced by the Blacksburg Ministerial Association, describing the churches in Blacksburg from 1934-1953.

Blacksburg Bicentennial A Brief History of Blacksburg.pdf
A recollection of the town and its history by R.D. Michael.

This newspaper article describes the fire that broke out in the old library in 1953. Nothing was destoryed since all library materials had been moved several weeks before the fire broke out.

1953 newspaper clipping for an article titled "Blonde Designs, Builds Houses in Marin" from Marin Magazine (Marin County, California) featuring Lois Gottlieb and a colleague reviewing building plans.
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