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Transcript of the Gemini 10 Mission Commentary, July 19, 1966.
Flames pour from an Atlas rocket as it pushes an Agena target vehicle toward orbit and 100 minutes later the Gemini 10 spacecraft starts in pusuit atop a Titan 2 rocket.
As Gemini 10 spaceflight continued to orbit the earth on its complex mission, ground crew members at Mission Control reflected these expressions as they went about their various assignments.
Clifford E. Charlesworth, one of the Gemini 10 flight directors, explains the EVA maneuver to be attempted by Astronaut Michael Collins during the spaceflight.
Mrs. Pat Collins, wife of Air Force Maj. Michael Collins, and her sister, Mrs. Bernard Golden of Wellesly, Mass., arrive at Ellington AFB chapel where they attended Catholic mass.
While their dad, Maj. Michael Collins was busy with experiments in space during the flight of Gemini 10, Michael Jr. 3, and his sisters, Kathleen, 7, and Ann, 5, get ready to take a ride in the driveway of their home in Nassau Bay, near the Manned…
Mrs. Pat Collins, wife of Gemini 10 pilot Mike Collins, jests with newsmen as she and her sister, Mrs. Ellie Golden, walk to a neighbor's home to attend a swimming party today.
View of the Agena Target Module from the Gemini spacecraft shortly before docking.
View of the Agena Target Module from the Gemini spacecraft shortly before docking.
The Agena Target Vehicle docked with the Gemini 10 Spacecraft, seen from the Gemini window.
New York Post Headline "G-Twins Top Russians 476 Miles Up!", July 19, 1966.
Newspaper article "Gem Twins Latch on to Agena" from the Daily News, July 19, 1966.
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