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PDF of article from previous 125th Anniversary website

Front row (left to right): Cecil R. Maxson, Jr.; T. Rodman Layman; Susan Phillips Bari; Joseph R. Jenkins - Vice Rector; James E. Turner, Jr. - Rector; Paul E. Torgersen - President; Linda J. Pedigo; Roxene Thompson - Graduate Student Representative;…

Diversity News, continued Minority Newsletter (LD5655 .A78631 M5)

Diversity News, continued Minority Newsletter (LD5655 .A78631 M5)

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A detailed itinerary of the plans for the Radford University Group trip to Verona, Italy, which the Cutlers participated in.

Boucher shakes hands with Bill Clinton at an event

Boucher stands with a delegation on the tarmac in front of Air Force One
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