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Letter of condolence from Phillip M. Church to Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger, Jr.

A handwritten letter from Danielle Millevoi. The cover has the words "My Deepest Sympathy." The inside has a positive message expressing sympathy to…

A handwritten letter from Roger Ramirez from Richardson North Jr. High. The letter expresses sympathy and condolences to VT students.

A handwritten letter from Hailey J. from Richardson North Jr. High. The cover has a drawing of a cross and hearts surrounding it. The inside expresses…

A handwritten letter from Estephani from Richardson North Jr. High. The cover has the word "Love" in big letters. The inside expresses sympathy and…

A handwritten letter from Ana O. from Richardson North Jr. High. The letter expresses a positive message of condolences and sympathy to the VT…

A handwritten letter from Colleen, expressing condolences and sympathy for VT students. They state that "Today we remember Virginia Tech." The border…

Anonymous handwritten note "Dear VA Tech, My heart is so very sad...", written on a notepad with a cherry border, red outline, and cornucopia at the…
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