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Pencil sketch of a building and courtyard showing outdoor decoration and figures for scale. Work was completed as part of Rodeck's Regina Institute of…

Sanctuay elevation and sidewall elevation drawings for the private capel at Saint Thomas Parish. Work was completed as part of Rodeck's Regina…

Site plan drawing of a concept for a high-rise city with areas designated for residential and commercial activiites, recreation, transit, and so…

Brief biography and resume written by Lorraine Rudoff.

This collection contains an undated cocktail menu for the South Pacific Room of the El Mirador Hotel. The menu's cover depicts South Pacific art and…

Business Card for Robert C. Forman, Program Manager, from Andrulis Research Corp in Bethesda, MD.

Business Card for Daniel L. Welch, Ph.D., Director (Human Factors Engineering Division), from Andrulis Research Corp in Bethesda, MD.

Various handwritten notes on the proposal to open spaceflight up to the public.

Marked up copy of the Executive Summary for a paper describing a program and arrangement with NASA to allow the general public to participate in…

Clippings from an unknown publication regarding the National Space Club with attendence information for a October 24th luncheon.

Brochure for the National Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, including information on spinal cord injuries and the foundation. Also features (handwritten)…

Note consisting of various names and dates related to the Metropolitan Club.

Proposal of Michael Collins for Resident Membership of the Metropolitan Club of Washington, D.C.

Note consisting of various names and dates related to the Metropolitan Club. Many names are crossed out.

Note consisting of various names and dates related to the Metropolitan Club.

Letter from President of the Metropolitan Club Norman Farquhar to All Members of the Club reminding them that the club is "incorporated for literary,…

Pamphlet from the Metropolitan Club detailing the services offered by the club.

Letter from Metropolitan Club House Committee Chairman John D. H. Kane to Member explaining the Club benefit of Private Entertaining.

Broadside titled "What is the International Platform Association?".

Broadside Publication titled "A Partial Listing of Those Who Have Shared Their Thoughts With Our Members in Recent Years".

Informational Pamphlet on the International Platform Association.

Metal Certificate from the International Platform Association certifying Michael Collins' being voted a Life Member of the IPA.

Short handwritten note regarding "logistics", "PRDA", and "Andrulis".

Short handwritten note from Michael Collins regarding a "JSC Human Productivity Study".

Small clipping for "RADC Opening Contracting For SDI Battle Management Communications". "Andulis" handwritten above article.

Photo of Michael Collins with a group including James Fisher (President of Towson [State] University)

Photo of Michael Collins approached by a group of women.

Michael Collins' Business Card from his time as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. Back features note regarding "Book Publishers".

Gemini 10 Prime Crew Official Photograph, Astronauts John W. Young and Michael Collins.

Newspaper Articles "U.S.-Soviet Box Score on Astronauts' Flights", "Astronauts Back at the Cape, Reporting Columbus was Right", and "Mike's Walk Reel…

Cover Sheet, "Gemini 10 Astros M. Collins J. Young".

Mrs. Pat Collins, wife of Michael Collins, at a Gemini social event.

Mrs. Pat Collins, wife of Astronaut Michael Collins, with her sister in a NASA exhibit.

Mrs. Pat Collins, wife of Astronaut Michael Collins, poses with her sister in front of a Lunar Landing Module display.

Astronauts Michael Collins and John W. Young during a meeting.

One of a collection of photos of Michael Collins at a European showing of American Air and Space vehicles.
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