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A taped-together collage of informal employee photograps. Top, left-right: unknown, Cox, Jones, unknown. Middle, left-right: unknown, Henry Thornton,…

A photograph of several employees conversing near machines winding spun yarn onto bobbins for weaving.

Proposal of Michael Collins for Resident Membership of the Metropolitan Club of Washington, D.C.

Business Card for Daniel L. Welch, Ph.D., Director (Human Factors Engineering Division), from Andrulis Research Corp in Bethesda, MD.

Business Card for Robert C. Forman, Program Manager, from Andrulis Research Corp in Bethesda, MD.

An essay entitled "Matthew: If a Tree Should Fall" written by Ann Goette specifically for the AIDS Education Forum.

Poster advertising an upcoming Lambda Horizon event. The group's campus phone number and contact information is listed on the poster.

A photograph of a group of Fries residents, largely children. David Jones, 2nd from left, Mandy Hager, 4th from left, middle row.

A formal photograph of the Fries High School football team. Back row, left-right: Mike Phipps, Don Martin, unknown, unknown, Todd Dickson, unknown,…

Thanksgiving service program of Grand United Order of Odd Fellows (exact date unknown).

A photograph of a mill employee posing with holiday decorations in the mill.

A photograph of a group of people in front of the sign for the high school in Fries, Va. Back Row, left-right: Don Martin, Rick Phipps, Mike Phipps,…

Handout produced by Lambda Horizon offering ten tips about what to do when you encounter a gay or lesbian.

Questionaire for heterosexuals produced and distributed by Lambda Horizon.

Handout produced by Lambda Horizon detailing homophobic responses to gays and lesbians.

Fundraising and information letter describing the functions and activities of Lambda Horizon.

Handout produced by Lambda Horizon describing some common myths about homosexuality.

Henry H. Wilson family Christmas portrait, n.d.

A studio portrait of Henry H. Wilson (the husband of J. Hoge Tyler's daughter Lily Tyler Wilson), n.d.

Site plan drawing of a concept for a high-rise city with areas designated for residential and commercial activiites, recreation, transit, and so…

A photograph of a mill employee monitoring yarn spinning.

A photograph of employees in line to get food in the mill cafeteria, with a "Zero Defects Our Goal" banner in the backround.

Invitation listing date and proceedings of of Tadmore Light Lodge 27th anniversary celebration, including names of speakers.

Invitation to a Sunday Festivities function sponsored by Lambda Horizon.

Studio portrait of J. Hoge Tyler, n.d.

Studio portrait of J. Hoge Tyler, n.d.

Studio portrait of J. Hoge Tyler, n.d.

Studio portrait of J. Hoge Tyler, n.d.

Studio portrait of J. Hoge Tyler Wilson (J. Hoge Tyler's grandson), n.d.

Studio portrait of J. Hoge Tyler Wilson (grandson of J. Hoge Tyler) in 1st Lieutenant uniform, n.d.

Standing portrait of J. Hoge Tyler Wilson (grandson of J. Hoge Tyler) in 1st Lieutenant uniform, n.d.

A snapshot photo of J. Hoge Tyler with an unidentified woman, n.d.

A photo snapshot of J. Hoge Tyler with William Jennings Bryan and others, n.d.

A photograph of three children eating watermelon at a mill-sponsored event in Fries, Va.

A letter asking the mill to support an amendement that would change the way the work of women and children was limited in Virginia.

Letter from George M. Miller to Nellie. Tells of his failure to send a letter while at Louisa C. House and of his discovering George, Milt, and Polk's…

Letter from George W. Koontz to the family of Captain George W. Wooding. Letter informs of Woodings death in Spottsylvania County VA

Letter from Metropolitan Club House Committee Chairman John D. H. Kane to Member explaining the Club benefit of Private Entertaining.

Personal note card from J. Dean O'Donnel to Mark Weber.

Letter from Jo Ann Underwood to mark Weber regarding a newspaper article.

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to his mother. Short letter regarding requests for goods and minor updates to the war.

Letter from President of the Metropolitan Club Norman Farquhar to All Members of the Club reminding them that the club is "incorporated for literary,…
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