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A photograph of several people in front of the sign for the Fries Methodist Church, which says "Jesus! Zero Defects".

A photograph of a mill-employed nurse administering a shot to another employee, with a line of others waiting behind her.

Collection of undated B&W and Kodacolor photographs, primarily of people and places around Blacksburg. Includes 109 photographs.

Collection of photo negatives with a range of subjects and locations. Many photos are of associates of Beulah Allen, as well as the Virginia Tech…

Two pages of a typescript ofCapitan, a novel by Crockett, published in 1940. This typescript includes edits and notes by the author.

A photograph of six young women in matching cheerleading outfits, on a stage with pompoms.

Catalog of regalia and supplies for the Odd Fellows, includes illustrations of ribbons, collars, banners, and pins.

Dining hall table tent card created by Lambda Horizon advertisingg the group's presence on Virginia Tech's campus.

Studio portrait of the Henry H. Wilson family. From left: Lily Norwood Wilson, Henry Harrison Wilson, Lily Tyler Wilson, Henry Harrison Wilson II, and…

Studio portrait of Henry and Lily Wilson's children James Hoge Tyler and Lily Norwood Wilson, n.d.

Studio portrait of Henry and Lily Wilson's children, James Hoge Tyler, Lily Norwood and Henry Harrison II, n.d.

Sticker for Life Fest, Virginia Tech's concert for AIDS education, research, and treatment held in Lane Stadium on September 8, 1989.

Song lyrics to the song "The Southern Wagon"

Travel sketch of unidentified building done by Lilia Skala.

Short story/anecdote written by Lucy Dickinson Urquhart.

A photograph of Sena Funk monitoring woven fabric being wound

Selected pages of Hayden's class lecture notebook, with sketches, from a class at Ohio State University

Selected drafts of illustrated advertisements by Lucy Dickinson Urquhart for the First National Bank of Jonesville, VA. Urquhart apparently produced a…

This collection consists of a recipe book bearing the name of Sallie Wilson of Liberty, Virginia. The small book contains more than 100 recipes,…

Pencil sketch of a building and courtyard showing outdoor decoration and figures for scale. Work was completed as part of Rodeck's Regina Institute of…

Sanctuay elevation and sidewall elevation drawings for the private capel at Saint Thomas Parish. Work was completed as part of Rodeck's Regina…

Brief biography and resume written by Lorraine Rudoff.

Marked up copy of the Executive Summary for a paper describing a program and arrangement with NASA to allow the general public to participate in…

A photograph of two mill employees responsible for transferring yarn bobbins from one stage to another.

The lining for a patchwork quilt is being laid at the home of Alice Dehart on Rockcastle Creek south of the Blue Ridge hill country.

Questionnaire created by Mark Weber, President of Lambda Horizon, for an independent class project. The questionnaire was distributed to members of…

Announcement card from Virginia Tech's radio station WUVT promoting Lambda Horizon. The card has graffiti and a series of comments and gay slurs…

Being Gay announcement card from Virginia Tech's radio station WUVT. The public service announcement promotes Lambda Hoizon and gay and lesbian life…

A photograph of Frank Ritchie presenting a prize to Edna Kirby Vaughan on stage while a crowd watches at a mill-sponsored event.

Card with price list for secretarial supplies available from Odd Fellows Journal

Poster offering information about Virginia Tech's gay and lesbian student group Lmabda Horizon.

Postcard featuring a photograph of 3 young soldiers. No contextual information given.

Poem written by Lucy Dickinson Urquhart.

Poem written by Lucy Dickinson Urquhart.

Fundraising sign up sheet for a "Bowling for Bus Shelters" sponsored by Lambda Horizon.

A map showing the intended layout for the mill.

A photograph of Billy Funk holding a plaque while a man gives a speech and G.W. "Cobb" Archer and Flash Turner watch.

Portrait of T. B. Yeaman, of Keysville, VA, and likely the brother of William H. Yeaman. On the back of the photo is written "T. B. Yeaman before he…

Portrait of T. B. Yeaman, of Keysville, VA, and likely the brother of William H. Yeaman. On the back of the photo is written "T. B. Yeaman Keysville,…

St Johns Day: St Paul A.M.E. Church, Blacksburg, VA (exact date unknown).

Portrait of Pearl Yeaman, Abilene, Va, the date is unknown.
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