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  • Description is exactly "Aaron Slusher was a student at Virginia Tech from 1988 until 1992. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1992 with a degree in Biology. In 2011, Aaron returned to Virginia Tech to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine. In 2012, he transferred to Redford University. In the spring of 2014 Aaron graduated from Redford University with a master's degree in Social Work. While at Virginia Tech in the early 1990s, Aaron identified as a straight female and was married after graduation in 1992. In 1994, Aaron's relationship ended in divorce. From 1994 until 2009, Aaron identified as a lesbian. In 2010, Aaron began the transition from female to male and now identifies as a transgender male. Aaron currently lives in Floyd, Virginia and works as a social worker.

    In his interview, Aaron discusses playing normative social roles to accommodate the desires of other people and how that affected the course of his life. He also talks about his relationships with his parents while living as a lesbian and during transition. The interview concludes with Aaron addressing the need for LGBTQ history to be documented and told."
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