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  • Description is exactly "Ann Kilkelly is a Professor of Theatre Arts and Women's Studies at Virginia Tech. She teaches a variety of performance and theater classes, women's studies seminars and undergraduate courses about community and culture, and tap classes. Since coming to Virginia Tech in 1991, she has been an advocate for traditionally underrepresented populations and she served on the Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity from 2005-2008.

    The interview was conducted on October 29, 2014 in Henderson Hall at Virginia Tech. It begins with a description of Kilkelly's upbringing and early involvement with activism. It then covers her marriage and her own description of her personal identity with respect to societal labels. Next, the inverview addresses the racial and LGBTQ climate at Virginia Tech, how it has changed over time, the scandal relating to Shelli Fowler's hiring, and the development of the Principles of Community. Finally, there is a description of drag shows at the Shamrock bar and Kilkelly's views on why it is important to discuss LGBTQ issues."
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