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  • Description is exactly "Christian Matheis is a Doctoral Candidate in the Virginia Tech Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought (ASPECT) Program working on a dissertation concerning liberation. He has several research interests including philosophy, feminism, anti-racism, and sexual/gender identity. He has a background in ethics studies and started participating in political activism in the early 1990's. Matheis works closely with the LGBT Caucus of Virginia Tech, helping to establish a political platform. He also works as a trainer in the Safe Zone Program teaching Trans 101 sessions.

    The interview was conducted in Matheis' office, Lane Hall Room 212. It begins with Matheis' describing his personal history and his views on personal identity. It then moves into discussion of his coming out experience, political activism, and involvement with the LGBT Caucus. Finally, he describes his experience with discrimination and gives advice and a charge to the future LGBTQ community."
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