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  • Description is exactly "Gwendolyn Coleman was born in Nankudo, Namibia before moving to Mays Landing, New Jersey. Gwen graduated from Virginia Tech in Spring 2015 with a degree in the Biological Sciences. In her oral history Coleman discusses her progressive views on sexuality and identity as a current VT student. Raised in a religious and culturally diverse home, Coleman expresses how she navigated sexuality growing up. As a current student she also addresses contemporary trends and issues that she sees on campus in the LGBT and LGBTA communities, her work involving Hokie Pride, her experience in aiding the Health Education and Awareness team in being more inclusive, and her opinions on the Virginia Tech diversity climate.

    This oral history was conducted in the summer of 2015 as part of an oral history project titled: “Bridging the gap between LGBTQ alumni and current students,” by Megan Lee Myklegard, winner of the 2015 Atlantic Coast Conference Creativity and Innovation grant for undergraduate research and creative scholarship. "
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